Five Signs He’s Cheating on You!

January 6, 2011 by AlexiaJ  
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Find out if it’s the case to say him goodbye!

You know,us,women usually feel it.It doesn’t have to be spoken out loud.If you’re not jealous by nature, but you feel something it’s not right, he might be cheating on you.This steps should guide you and make you think about a deeper analysis of his behaviour.

1.Distance.Lately,you notice he became very distant and you feel like he’s always somewhere else,metaphorically speaking.You have no idea about his new friends or what he’s gonna do after work.He doesn’t include you in his plans and future wishes.

2.Every time you have a fight,he starts threatening you with phrases like “What will you do without me?”, “I will overcome it, will you?” These are clear signs he at least thought about breaking up with you.

3.Routine in sexual life.You feel like he’s making sex with you because he has a duty.

4.Guilt.Every time you make something nice to him, he starts saying “Oh,I don’t deserve it”.This is a sign he’s feeling guilty about what he’s doing.

5.Difference of interests.Suddenly, he became uninterested by the things you once used to do together and he has completely changes his points of view.

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4 Responses to “Five Signs He’s Cheating on You!”
  1. bhaswati Says:

    nice article Alexia, even I wrote one with the same title but that hasn’t been published yet. :(

  2. learnandearn Says:

    well … dont u think factors 1 & 3-5 could be because he’s got something (not some one) on his mind, probably stressed, over worked … i’d suggest talk it out first and then jump to conclusions babe ..

  3. AlexiaJ Says:

    learnerdearn,it might be.But in a relationship,when you have stress or you’re overworked – you share this with the other person,not hide it.

  4. DarkTemplar Says:

    These points could be surely applied to women too.

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