Eight Stupid Boyfriend Tricks

September 29, 2011 by Steven West  
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This is a list of eight really stupid boyfriend tricks.

Dogs do tricks.  Its fun to watch them perform.  Boyfriends also do tricks.  They are not as fun to watch.  Here are eight stupid boyfriend tricks:

1.   Your boyfriend balances five beer cans on one foot.  Of course, after the trick has been performed, your boyfriend then drinks all five beers.

2.   Your boyfriend walks on a bed of hot pizza.  Yuck!  Who’s going to want to eat that pizza now?

3.   Your boyfriend punctures ten pimples on his face with one swift squeeze.  The trick is trying to keep the blood from landing all over the bathroom floor.

4.   Your boyfriend holds duo conversations on two cell phones while munching on a burrito. 

5.   Your boyfriend rubs all the grease out of his hair and uses it for cooking oil.

6.   Your boyfriend plays the flute while balancing on a soccer ball. 

7.   Your boyfriend rides his bike over three cans of trash.  Unfortunately, he misses the forth can and ends up in the trash.  Now he’ll stink for a week.

8.   Your boyfriend throws three knives at a moving target.  Unfortunately, the third knif

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e strikes the moving target which happens to be your neighbor’s hamster.  Your neighbor is not amused.

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