Eight Signs That Your Relationship is Over

March 5, 2011 by Steven West  
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Here are eight signs that show your relationship is through.

You’ve had a long relationship with your boyfriend.  However, things have not been going very well in the last few months.  Here are eight signs that your relationship is over:

1.   Your boyfriend no longer holds hands with you.  He almost appears robotic.

2.   Your boyfriend makes excuses for not seeing you.  He says that he’s sick.  He claims that his car has broken down. He tells you that his brother died and that he has to attend his funeral.  The problem with this statement is that your boyfriend doesn’t even have a brother.

3.    Your boyfriend lashes out at you for anything that he perceives that you are doing wrong.  He puts you down and seems to enjoy doing it.

4.    Your boyfriend talks about having sex with other women.  He doesn’t have the slightest interest in having sex with you anymore.

5.    Your boyfriend treats you like a cash cow.  He’ll find anyway possible to take your money.  You are his ATM machine.

6.    Your boyfriend starts to drink excessively.  He becomes belligerent and threatening. You are wary and frightened by any sudden gestures that your boyfriend may have towards you. Fear for your safety is a very real feeling.

7.    Your boyfriend has friends over your place whenever he feels like it.  He expects you to clean up after his friends are gone.  You begin to feel like a servant.

8.    Your boyfriend insults your parents.  He no longer wants to see your relatives.  He removes any photos that you have of your family.  He becomes nasty and rigid.  His word is final.

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3 Responses to “Eight Signs That Your Relationship is Over”
  1. Xandine Says:

    Pretty sure I’ve never acted like that, but I know people that have. Certain these would be a good indication though!

  2. Truth and Justice Says:

    What about marriages? Good article.

  3. Billyg Says:

    Mr. West,
    I thought that the article that I was about to read was one of how women act when they are about to leave men. But on the contrary this article was about men leaving women, or “Having their cake and eating it too”…kind of, good article, bravo. Let women know they don’t have to put up with the things that men do, epecially in this case.

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