Do Women Think Men are Not Expressive Enough?

September 22, 2010 by vijayanths  
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Women from all over the world complain that men are not expressive enough. They don’t appreciate women. Neither they share their problems with women. They don’t tell whether the food is good or bad. Nor they comment anything on the new dress their women wear. Why don’t men express enough? Read more…..

Men are expressive in the beginning of a relationship:   Men can treat women with all the love and care in the beginning of a relationship.  They praise and appreciate women with flattering words such as ” You look beautiful today”, “this dress is fantastic”, “this food is delicious” and so on.  But unfortunately for some reason or other, when they get used to their women, the expressive love fades away.

Women expect verbal expressions from men: Women expect their men to express their love verbally often. They expect their men to gift them with girlie things like flowers chocolates and so on. They may even want their men to say “I love you” a few times in a day like they did when they were  wooing them.

Why do men become less expressive?: Men are in general less emotional than women. They think that it’s not manly to openly show the emotions. The culture and society consider that the man should not be too sentimental. But they do express their romantic feelings in the beginning of the relationship. They change afterwards as they think there is no need  for flowery words anymore as they are living together. The fact of the matter is most women love flattery even when they age.

New car and new wife:  When you buy a new car,you are very enthusiastic about it, but as time passes, seeing the car in your possession becomes normal. When she is exclusively available for him, he stops appreciating her and start becoming non expressive.

He is not expressive, does it mean he is not loving you anymore?: Many women have doubts about the love of their men after a few years of marriage. There is no need to doubt his love or sincerity towards her. Women should understand that the intensity of love will become less after a few years of marriage and that’s perfectly normal.

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Summary: Men are expressive about love and other matters in the beginning of a relationship. They change after a few years of marriage. They stop appreciating their women and become less expressive. This does mean their love has faded away. There is no need to doubt about their love and sincerity.

                                            Why do marriages fail?

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