Dealing with The Guy Who Sends Mixed Messages

June 11, 2010 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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Mr I love you/ I love you not. how do you know if he is for real or he is taking your emotions for a ride.

     This is the kind of man that you cannot make any distinct conclusion on. You are not sure if he likes you or he doesn’t!  One day he is in and another day he is out. He is what I call an “eenie meenie minee mo lover”

       He is the guy who is the most attentive lover in bed yet becomes aloof outside of the bedroom, he gives you this vibe as if he is into you when he is around you but when you are apart, and you sense that something is wrong.  You cannot move on and some days you  want to end the relationship while other days ,you are hopelessly in love with this individual.

       Men who send mixed messages can be artful deceivers, insecure fellows or guys who have mental and emotional problems.  This includes men who have mood swings. Some men are afraid of commitments and will send you mixed messages.

 On one end he may be feeling you and another; he is not because he is afraid of showing his true and vulnerable side.

There are men who will fake intimacy in order to give a woman a sense of mutuality to keep her mind on him.  Skilled lovers and intelligent men are especially great at creating an atmosphere where the woman feels as if she is appreciated, cherished and desirable. Once the ordeal is over, he is liable to change back to his old grumpy, churlish, distant self.

Your feelings for the mixed message man fluctuate as much as his on and off signals of desire, love and relationship solidarity.  If you are finding discrepancies in your man’s behavior or feelings, it is best to lower your expectations of the outcome of your interaction

What I have mastered (after a couple disappointments and one major heart ache) is to go into dating without any expectations. I am merely scouting my options; I am not expecting any form of commitment. At the first sign of trouble or inconsistencies, I walk away.

 I do not plunge deeper hoping to find more substance in depth. I do not invest more time energy and stratagems to get a solid favorable response from someone who is just not that into me. I did it once in the past and I almost lost everything. Now I simply cut my losses by reducing the amount of output, I put in a crumbling or nonexistent relationship.

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2 Responses to “Dealing with The Guy Who Sends Mixed Messages”
  1. LoveDoctor Says:

    This is usually the type of guy that I always meet. thank you for your useful tips. I myself have been through a lot of disappointments so when I sense that something like this is going on I just walk away. I don’t have time for silly games anymore. You are right. Never lower your values or change who you are for anyone. Excellent write.

  2. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Great advice.

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