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August 2, 2011 by Radjabisol  
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LOT question now raging in your mind, about work, dating, money, and so on. A survey managed to uncover the things that you may not know.

Great Male Survey 2011 managed to collect answers from tens of thousands of women readers of Cosmopolitan and AskMen.

Here are the results:

Who should pay for dates?

As many as 33 percent of women expect men are the responsible party at the cost of dating. However, 38 percent of respondents felt that responsibility should be divided 50-50 or alternately each date.

How the rules were up with the former?

As many as 38 percent of respondents said that no matter if they are lovers or friends with her ex husband in FB while 27 percent expressed an objection only if the spouse had met with the former. Meanwhile, 34 percent of respondents do not want their partners’ friends with her ex. Online dating is no longer considered a negative As many as 31 percent of respondents claimed to meet their partner through online where 12 percent succeeded in building a relationship after that. Meanwhile, 22 percent of respondents do not underestimate the internet as a medium for meeting men.

How do economic factors affect the relationship?

The majority (73 percent) of respondents remain comfortable if the spouse has less income from it; 12 percent actually had a relationship with these men. However, 25 percent of women still feel that the ultimate status symbol is a successful husband or lover. And “predominantly” a sexual fantasy top 35 percent of women.

What most want changed in him?

When women were asked, what would you change about your partner? As many as 11 percent have a problem with laziness and lack of ambition of their partners. Only 20 percent of women will decide girlfriend if they became obese and only 18 percent of women want their husbands to have a larger penis.

Have you ever lied?

As many as 35 percent had lied about the number of their sexual partners and 54 percent fake orgasm. However, 85 percent of women would be offended if their partner fake orgasms. (FTR)

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