Winning The Dating Game

November 30, 2012 by nyarangi  
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Winning the Dating Game.

Has old-fashioned dating actually become extinct? With the advent of communications via the worldwide web, 21st century dating evolved from the normal courtship rituals to internet chats and online matching games.

Looking for a date has never been so diverse since the introduction of cyberspace worldwide. Not only is it possible to find a date within your country, but searching for partners around the world are now a reality. The internet now offers opportunities to find anything from casual dates to even lifetime partners. Several websites even sweeten the offer with filtering of possible partners according to specific traits and compatibility tests that make the odds of finding the perfect date higher.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that most people will dress up their qualities for a potential date whenever possible. It is likely that most people will even lie outright just to get the chance to go out with someone attractive. The risks in finding an unpleasant date run proportionate with the limitless prospects that the internet offers. Thus, it is critical to find a website that provides level-headed facts rather than fairy tales.

Internet courtship has had numerous success stories. Many have actually found lifetime partners through this dating game. And these are not all due to luck. Finding the right one online is possible with the right perspective. It is important to remember that during the stage when meeting and spending time personally has not been achieved yet; caution should be foremost in our minds. Always practice optimism with caution. Chatting and sending emails everyday will not match the impression one gets in meeting someone face-to-face. Body language provides subtle hints that online communication cannot impart.

Once an actual date has been established, all the traditional rules of dating will start to apply. Making a good impression does not mean trying to be someone else. For the first date, it simply means putting your best foot forward. We usually present a decorum that would be enough to attract a prospective partner and get another dinner date. As the relationship progresses to more dating, it is then that we start to show who we really are. We start revealing more of ourselves as we become more comfortable to present the fact that we are not perfect. In doing so, we allow more intimacy into the relationship because our partner feels that it is likewise acceptable to reveal imperfections and eccentricities.

Although nothing beats the old-fashioned boy-meets-girl dating game or match-ups by friends or acquaintances, internet dating likewise provides that certain romantic notion of serendipity that traditional match-ups cannot provide. Just keep your wits to avoid finding Mr. Hyde or Cruella de Ville. But regardless of how we meet prospective partners in life, all the rules on caution, common sense, honesty, and compatibility are still appropriate. After all, when it comes to love, only the heart knows what it wants.

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