Will Smith Not Aging Secret?

April 10, 2013 by Alexander Fuglistahler  
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Comparing Will Smith 1997 to 2013, does this guy ever get old?

So the other day I was looking on the web at some picture of Will Smith (Men in Black 1997) and Realised that this guy doesn’t  look much older right now in 2013!

Check it out for yourself and spot the difference?




Does this guy have some magic Formula? if so I would love to find out what that is:)

However he does it, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and always enjoy his performance!

You can now also join his fan page on Face Book where he uploads his on videos and updates!

Just looked at some videos of him in Brazil, finally an actor from Hollywood really living and enjoying his life instead of all the drama & rehabs!

Be sure to check out his Fan Page & Share these pics!


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