Why Some Women Never Getting Married?

February 24, 2012 by nehaahmed  
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This is not a diatribe on the proportion of men and women and how some, inevitably, could run out due to a numbers game. We know the statistics and there is a man for every seven (or ten) women on the planet. However, women marry every day. Why not?

This article discusses how women give up without even understanding the game. You are attractive and fun, so why “this” and you do not get married? What do you have (or know) you do not it?

Here are some reasons:

-List of fantasy. The first reason is that you could be in a fantasy relationship. I used this example in my book, “How come the divas.” Divas do not have sex fantasy! If a man is looking for you because you do not want!
A list of fantasy is this: you’re smitten, dating, or in a relationship with a man who will not marry you. Now if you’re dating or in a relationship with a man who will marry you and you know, out!
You’re waiting for your boss (coworker, neighbor, brother of your friend, insert whoever) invite you to leave. Think it is attracted to you. Think it is about to ask her out beyond the flirting during lunch once a month. You’ve waited two years for something to happen, because you’re secretly in love with him. The stares at you when he thinks you do not. He gave you an extra bonus last Christmas. You think would be the Secret Santa left the teddy bear for you. So what?

Honey, if it has been two years and he has invited you to a real date, forget it! Get going! Stop waiting for a man who has expressed real interest in dating you. Do not waste your time. And please, do not miss a date with another guy for thinking you need to be free for him.

-Man costume.

You want him to look like your favorite celebrity, has a doctorate, earn millions of dollars, has perfect teeth and will send you roses every weekend. Come on!
If you are a spiritual man, even if you are looking for someone well, you do not like to take you to your group Bible study. Want to be a person of strong religious beliefs, but that looks like David Beckham.

-Fantasy on you.

You have a long list of features you want your man to have, but you do not meet even half of your own requirements. Want to Oliver Martinez, but do not look like Halle Berry.
This is another fantasy that is preventing you from meeting a man, you think more desirable than they really are. Even if you found your man fantasy, it really would notice you? Perhaps. Look well to yourself. Is there room for improvement? What you have to change to get the pretty boy? And are you willing to fight against all other “Halles” pursue it?

-You are the fantasy. OK, so we really are the girl 10, the fantasy of all. Have the list of qualities you’re looking for in a game and you deserve the best. No man can approach you because you are better, smarter, more spiritual and you’re two steps ahead of any candidate. Are unattainable. Have you tried online dating, speed dating, matchmaking services, but nobody comes to your level, never, and still single.
But where is he? How long wait? You are close to 40 years old and still looking for him. Even reaching 50 and you still have not met a decent guy? No … you! Turned well fantasies that guys fail.

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