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May 1, 2013 by Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia  
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Open any online dating site, and you are sure to find plenty of advertisements that foreigners are looking for a companion that is from Russia. What is so attractive acquaintance with Russian girls?

What is critical? Celebrated by poets Russian beauty?


Why Do we love Russian Girls….

Open any online dating site, and you are sure to find plenty of advertisements that foreigners are looking for a companion that is from Russia. What is so attractive acquaintance with Russian girls? 

What is critical? Celebrated by poets Russian beauty? 

Low demands and the ability to adapt to the complex conditions of existence? Habit of addressing all issues on their own? The heroism of character, a woman, by all means, seeks to bring happiness to his chosen, often at the cost of his own pride, and even property? 

The list of beauties who embody the beauty of foreigners Russian women are Anna Kournikova, Eugenia Volodin, Sasha Pivovarova, Natalia Vodianova, Anna Vyalitsyna, Maria Sharapova, Vlada Roslyakova and many others.And, oddly enough, they all have similar standards of behavior and inherent only Russian women strangeness.

 Never American does not go down to the pool after breakfast in evening dress and wearing high heels. A Russian woman – please. But our girls go on an excursion to the mountains in high heels and mini-skirts, and then all the way moaning and prevent everyone else. 

However, the attention of the stronger sex and dating in such cases provided. Russian women abroad are allocated a special well-groomed, showiness, bright, is not appropriate attire. Getting to the buffet, Russian women try to gorge on the month for the future, while foreigners surprise trying to avoid any contact with obscure Russian. Yet foreigners choose to marry Russian women is … Why? Almost every foreigner to answer unequivocally – dating and romance with a Russian woman will not get lost in the list of thousands of random encounters. Violent feelings and passions high guaranteed.

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 Only our women are so crazy that they can go into the gap on all cylinders. For us there is no notion of measure – either in love or in alcohol.However, on the other hand, most of the girls who prefer dating, pursue mercantile interests. They think they need men because they’re richer and better at home, and the air cleaner. If familiarity ends with marriage and Russian girl becomes the mistress of a house, it immediately tries to command her husband and to determine their laws.

 However, it is not economical, not mandatory, not punctual and very naughty … And yet Russian women tend to be much more interesting and better educated than their contemporaries of foreign. 

They can support any topic of conversation and give it piquancy literally several successful remarks. With them is never boring or dull. This is the real standard of femininity and beauty.

 For good reason, as recognized by foreign men, these girls want to be coddled, dress in furs, buy fashionable shoes and decorate diamonds. Russian women – is a combination of childlike vulnerability and with true Christian tolerance and stoicism. It is a pity that at home such beautiful creatures often remain in demand, or link their fate with a completely unsuitable men.Therefore do not have to wonder – is anyone watching the growing interest of foreign men to our Russian beauties.

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