Where Can a Woman Find a Good Man?

November 5, 2012 by TWarner  
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As I work with a lot of women, many seem to struggle finding a good man. Men are not in short supply, but where are the good ones? Here’s some advice on finding a man of substance.

Ladies, men are not at all in short supply.  Nevertheless, women often struggle to find a good man.  Where are they?  Here is a little advice from a man.  I often overhear women talking about meeting a great man at the bar.  Sometimes the relationship ends that night.  Other times, I hear discouraging stories about another deadbeat man who cannot support himself after a couple of months of dating.  Worse yet, women often move in a man they recently met at a bar and are angry that he has no job after a while.  In an effort to help the ladies, I offer ideas on where to find a man who lives with joy, values, and other good qualities.  

First off, go to the library.  Men who are educated and involved in interesting hobbies tend to read.  They are also wise enough to know that the library has free books, music, and movies to borrow.  Not all the men at the library are single, but it’s worth a shot.  Men who do not have families to tend to may spend a lot of time at the library.  Next, how about the local gym or fitness center?  Local schools might open up their fitness center.  Maybe you have a local YMCA.  Good men tend to exercise more and drink alcohol less.  The odds of finding a good, single man are much better at the gym than the bar.  Now, you may not think of this as the place to bag a man, but how about the grocery store?  Single men that work and support themselves go buy their own groceries.  They may not spend a lot of time there, but that is one place they will be at least once a week.  How long has it been since you went to church?  More often than not, men at church are married.  That’s not always the case.  Good candidates for marriage, or at least dating, may belong to a church.  It is one more place you may take a look at.  For another chance, go shopping.  Sometimes, good men work at stores.  If a man is cashing you out at the register, at least you know he has a job.  Furthermore, check out popluar community events.  Finally, but not the final word, go to the local park, zoo, or aquarium.  Good men often like the outdoors, going for a nice walk, and enjoying nature.  Nature offers stimulating life-giving properties that are enjoyable and tend to leave people in a better mood, which is good for a first impression.

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