What and What NOT to Say to The One That Caught Your Eye

March 12, 2012 by vinny369  
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This article refers to the common mistakes and their remedies,as to how to approach someone that you like. A combination of body language signals,attraction psychology,self confidence and downright ballsy-ness to help everyone out there to break the ice.

We live in a “smart” time and are surrounded by “smart” people who jump to conclusions based on what they saw in a movie last month,or something they read in a harry potter book. You try to make normal conversation with a recently singled woman,and it is almost immediately mistaken to be an opportunistic attempt at gaining some sort of attention or interest from the same woman ( although most of the times,this is not shown by the ’singled woman’ . Dont worry though,it’ll reflect in her actions in the following weeks to come ). Yes,there are some who in reality are the opportunistic want-it-alls,but they don’t last,so we can avoid talking about them till the end of this article. What noone ever wonders is that this ’singled woman’ might herself be the opportunistic one,and maybe that is why she made her recent break-up ” visible” . People are ever alert today;Maybe even a little too much for their own good. They draw bottomlines without even reading the heading. But enough about them. This is where I start doing some good. 
      Getting someone to like you and KEEP liking you for a decent amount of time to come is more complicated than it sounds. Lets go back to primitive times,when cavemen knew to use clubs of wood to kill a deer for food,and use that same club to hurl at a tiger and run for their lives. The lesson is : THEY KNEW THEIR PREY . Similarly, YOU must know yours. Studying someone is interesting,fruitful and best of all,silent. For example: If you meet someone,take a good look at her palms. Are they (#1.)closed tight ? Or (#2)closed loosly,or (#3)relatively open facing his/her legs? The result : 
#1. she is very conscious about what she’s going to say to you. ( this might be to attract or repell so it may not be a definitive sign ) 
#2. she is enjoying the conversation.She wants to know about you and your thoughts better. bottomline : she is interested and is giving you the green signal to go for it . So muster up the courage to ask her out before she gets tired of waiting.
#3. She does’nt give a tiny rat’s ass. 
This is not the only definitive sign,and although there is much more,all this is still much too complicated for a simpleton to understand.
     This segment is only for guys : Let me tell you,girls love confidence.It is best if you get up off your butt and make the first move. DO NOT be afraid of rejection. Think of it as a rite of passage,that every guy has to go through a couple times.Talk to her,be nice to her NOT because you want her to like you back,but because you WANT to be nice to this person ( If you really admire her that is ) . Do not pretend to be nice only so that she likes you back. It wont last. And she’ll know about it,sooner or later,trust me. Every girl must be conversed with in a different manner.Some of them are bubbly,random and spontaneous- To this species you must be fun loving,passionate and,what most don’t get,you have to be more manly than ever,for they look for a complete package when they want to date someone ( she herself fulfilling the chirpy,spontaneous requirements ) ; And then there are the realists – grave,serious,brimming with attitude (- this species is the hardest to crack ) Be more real with them,and respect them.DO NOT try to hold them down,they hate that. She would want you to be the wind beneath her wings,and not the wings themselves. Guys,do not like someone with the intention of getting laid.Even if it works out for you that way,it won’t last. Instead look for something concrete,and you’ll get everything that you’ve ever wanted since you were a little boy. 
  – I know this is short,but this is only the beginning. Keep watching this space for more.
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