What a Man Wants From a Woman

February 12, 2012 by Riempie  
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What the two sexes want from each other at different times in their lives.

Three stages in a man’s life

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Actually, this should be in three stages. What a man looks for in a woman in her twenties and thirties, what he wants from her in her forties and upwards, and what he needs when he approaches his sixties. He has basically all the same needs throughout all the stages, but a little or a lot more at different times.

Need according to age

·                    A guy who has just graduated in his twenties is looking for a killer chick he can hang with at parties and go out on dates with, and show off to his friends; nothing hectically serious – but basically a girl who has it going on in the brains department and who can hold her own. He is looking for amazing sex and the unexpected in the bedroom. At twenty-three he is not looking for a wife.

·                    Guys in their forties and fifties, mostly divorced, separated or those who had been too scared to commit, are looking for a little more in a partner. If he has children, he is looking for a woman who is great-looking, mischievous, smart, one who loves sex, and is his match. His priority for a woman who loves children and can be fair with them and treat his children well will be high on the list. He would be a hockey dad, do things with his kids, but also be a little more cognizant of a woman’s needs than he used to be. He is looking for a wife he can be proud of; this wife will be able to perform well at home, at the workplace and make the kids a first priority.

·                    A man in his fifties and sixties who has been widowed or lost his wife and is still very much alive, is looking for a great looking woman too, but he is realistic. His immediate needs are companionship, understanding, compassion, kindness, and if he has a little good and healthy sex, will be greatly satisfied. He is not looking to swing from the chandelier and is realistic about what is out there on offer. If he has any ailments like arthritis and joint stiffness and sometimes erectile dysfunction and needs help, he will be particularly thankful for an understanding partner.

Men and women both want love

Men are no different from women when it comes to what they both want from a relationship. Both sexes want to be respected, understood, and loved. They both want the best for their children and in most cases will put the child’s interests first. Men don’t go out trolling bars just for the hell and sex of it. They are in need of a partner with a list of must-haves as high up on the list as they have; they just are too afraid of their feelings sometimes or they’re just plain scared.


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