Ways to Tackle Your Girl Friends…!

September 4, 2013 by kguru1979  
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Here is a short article which gives you many useful hints to tackle your girl friends?

Are you one of the person who find difficult to tackle your girl friend?

This topic may help you to some extent.

What you should not talk with your girl friends?

  1. Never talk about another girl in your office with your girl friend. They are too possessive, especially when you talk about other girls
  2. Do not be too much talkative with other girls in front of your girl friend. You may be asked later that you are talking less with her but nicely talking with other girls.
  3. Do not hesitate to buy anything for your girl friends.
  4. Praise her frequently. But never talk like teasing.
  5. Especially, never tease in front of others.
  6. Never say that her ideas are failures. Instead explain the draw backs.

What you should talk and how you should behave with your girl friends?

  1. Talk about your future.
  2. Talk about how many children you both can have, how you can grow her, their future etc. Though this may be too early to talk, it makes her happy and confident about you.
  3. Talk in morning about your evening dinner plans.
  4. Sometimes, try to give sweet surprises to your girl friends like talking her for a dating, dinner, a romantic cinema etc.
  5. Take her a long bike ride. Try to share the happiness during ride. Never talk about your worries.

Sure these things are a few good tips to maintain a good relationship with your girl friends.

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