Twisted Sibling

February 17, 2011 by tonyleather  
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How an itrritating, cross-dressing brother can really make a girl’s day.

Lizzie stamped across the hallway to bang on Terry’s door.  As it  started to open, she pushed it hard, knocking him roughly backwards. Eyes wide with questioning alarm, his mouth opened, but he didn’t get the chance to speak.

    “  How many times do I have to tell you not to just take things from my wardrobe!”, she yelled. “ I don’t go sorting through your cupboards for something to wear.”

 His hands came up in front of his face, defensively. 

  “ Take it easy, Sis, please.  You weren’t in, but I have a really special date tonight, and nothing as nice as you have. I’m only borrowing it, after all.”

 Lizzie sighed, amazed at her own tolerance. It had not been easy to accept his homosexuality, little brother or not, but his need to be seen as a woman, socially, was even harder to swallow.  Especially as he looked, when made up, so much more feminine than she herself.  He made a gorgeous girl, and for that she could have killed him!

  “ I know you like the black cocktail dress a lot, love, but I just have to look my best.  Please say you don’t really mind.  To be honest, I’d be glad if you’d come with me tonight.  This one just may be the love of my life.  It would help to get your opinion.”

 His frightened look softened her mood, as she glared at him. His scrawny frame, barely five feet four in height, and his soft jawline, were more girl than boy, anyway! She was two inches taller, with a full figure, and certainly outweighed him, even if she was only eight and a half stone! 

  “ Why not?”, Lizzie replied, ‘ Mick’s bloody well working, yet again, so I’m at a loose end.  It’ll be more fun than watching the box, yes, I’ll be ready in an hour.”

 As she soaked, in the bath, she thought about her boyfriend, wondering how many men were as fond of male company as he, for he was forever ‘out with the lads’.  Friday nights were often lonely. Still, one day he’d meet her family. Going out with Terry always cheered her up.  He really was one of the girls, though he’d proved that he could take care of himself more than once.

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