Top Three Advantages of Dating an Older Guy

February 9, 2010 by islandgirl  
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Here’s adavantages you should know about dating an older guy.

When I started dating with my fiancé of 12 years gap, a lot of people discuss to me about disadvantages of dating a mature guy but it in the end; I have to choose for my fate. I had weighed the consequences and by far the choice led me to dating and pursuing a life with him. When a woman sees the age difference then there’s the obvious difference in the age. But if the woman looks beyond the age then she’ll appreciate this type of relationship.

I’d like to point out my top 3 favorite advantages of dating an older guy.


a.)    They are emotionally stable. Mature men already settled with what they want in  their life, what kind of life they deserve and want to pursue. Some of them are 100% single men and some were formerly married with or without kids. I am lucky because my fiancé is 100% single. They divorced their former wives because they learned that there’s something wrong about their relationship and they do not want to live or deal about those anymore. The reason is because they know what they want and they immediately eliminate some things that do not align to what they want and deal with their baggage pretty well.

b.)    They are not clingy people. I hate clingy men who are too jealous and do not give me enough space for myself. I can recall demolishing my time with friends and alienating some of my relatives because my ex bf’s want me all for themselves. Mature men are not like that. At their age most of them works as seniors or top officials of their companies and they don’t have time for clinging. They have set right things for right time. So women can have their great, free life with assurance that the mature bf are not fooling around or eyeing for new prospects.

c.)    They are financially stable. Ok, this is not to give you an idea of hooking up for money. Instead, this gives you an assurance that you don’t have to worry about making real cash to buy a house or start a life because it’s already planned and well-set. In their age, they have stable jobs and stable savings so whenever you decide to take things to the next level you are assured that he is capable.

Before you get attracted to the advantages of dating an older guy, make sure you are involved with him for deeper loving reasons and not for practical reasons because it could back-fire in the future. I am sure that the reason I am involved with my bf is because I love him with all my heart.   

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8 Responses to “Top Three Advantages of Dating an Older Guy”
  1. Wiggles18 Says:

    Interesting, a tad bit funny too.

  2. drelayaraja Says:

    Great share. Interesting too..

  3. Beyondbeauty3 Says:

    I agree

  4. sambhafusia Says:

    very interesting post islandgirl..nice share..thnx for ue comments in my post and do support me dear……

  5. papaleng Says:

    Are you talking to me..LOL I must say I agree..


    another great read…thanks for sharing

  7. Me Says:

    C) counts 99%
    weather is a conscious hooking for money
    or its in the form of unconscious “financial stability”
    its down to the same thing
    you want the male to work and do the things for you, and you give him sex and attention in change.

    The moment HE realizes that you have manipulated him, and sooner or later he will, HE will kick your old butt and find another 20 year old girl.

  8. islandgirl Says:

    It’s just one of the thing you can expect from a more dependable guy… so it’s part of the package. Besides, if you’re a woman that is worth everything, why would men find anouther 20 year old girls?

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