To Love a Woman

November 28, 2010 by Dearie  
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Things and troubles one goes through when you love someone so much.

My name is Giemmy Jon Mclain a.k.a Street-Writter, 27yrs old, chocolate in complexion, a writer, computer engineer, a cook and am proud to be a citizen of Africa. Love to cook and bake a lot, meeting people is one of my greatest passions ever. This event took place in my life just recently. Well it all start on this fateful night when I turned on my radio, I was damn so lonely, single, stressed and heartbroken. There is this single’s programme that is always aired on the frequency modulation (Eko 89.75fm) of my radio at exactly 22:00gmt hours every Monday.

I never missed it at all, I love the music, the joke and especially when it comes to the dating tips corner. So that particular day, it’s was the “Hook-Up” edition. The broadcaster was like “guys tonight is gonna be your lucky nite…so get ready to meet that lady of your dream”.

Since I never had a girlfriend for a very long time, I patiently wait for the time to arrive.  I became so anxious, and make sure my phone is fully charged and I had put extra batteries in place for my radio should in case there is power out-tage.

When the time finally came, I rushed to my radio and tunned gently to my choice radio band. Lo and behold! , the programme tagged ‘Heart 2 Heart” began. The presenter was a lady, and she knows how to serenade her listener’s heart with some cool mid-nite blues. The programmed is about 2 full hours; it runs into the dawn of the next day. Then is happened when she open the studio phone lines and ask we the listener to send in our hook-up request and all that, which I actually did.

The next thing she will do with your text message is to read it live via the radio. Within a twinkle of an eye, my phone started beeping heavily. In fact I got confused at a stage ‘coz there are hundreds of numbers on my phone that wants me to hook up with them. As if it’s not enough, it gets to a stage that I had to put my cellphone on vibration because the ringtone is disturbing the neighbors-remember it’s already late in the night. It’s about 23:30gmt hours and my cellphone is still beeping. Some minutes later, minute battery indicated that it will soon go to sleep.. (Low battery). And finally, it went off.

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