Tips Dating Shy Women

July 17, 2013 by diazzz  
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Tips dating shy women.

A little shy to approach women will be more difficult than in women whose aggressive especially if the woman is more concerned with career or job of the romance. But not a few men prefer feminine women are reticent of the aggressive woman, for it will share tips on approaching and dating women shy:

Studying nature
The first thing you should do is to know or study nature. Is he always silent when traveling together? Is he always silent when doing things that he likes? What can make it talk a lot? What can make her laugh? Etc.. Try to find out about him as much as possible, so that you know how to make it comfortable in your side.

Taking small steps
A good way to approach a shy woman is gradually becoming closer. Do not expect him to immediately open to you, it may take time for him to feel comfortable to communicate with you. By slowly and intensive approach him, he will eventually begin to open up to you, but it takes patience for it.

Reassure him
The next thing is to convince him that you want to be close to him, implicitly stated that shyness or pendiamnya not a problem for you, and you want to be a part of his life. Make him feel comfortable, give him confidence if you are suitable for him. Try to make her feel comfortable being close to you.

Do hope you can directly ask her if only just met a few times, then try to get close to him and do the communication with him. Give simple questions but can tell a lot about them, for example by asking “what do you do on weekends?”. Listened as he spoke, he gave his life to tell the time, but keep in mind not to ask things that are too personal and sensitive nature.

Start dating
There are a few important things while undergoing a date with a shy woman.

- Do not be so selfish, maybe you like crowded places, but your date did not like crowds, try to make her comfortable and switched places as he wishes.
- Do not try to change it, even if you want to eliminate shyness, do not do it on a date. It takes time and slowly to try to eliminate one’s shyness, even then there must be a personal awareness of the person.
- Provide comfort, Strive for comfort when he gave the first date. Do not do things that can surprise, for example, you immediately smell, etc..
- Give a little praise, every woman likes to praise, as was the shy woman. Say a small compliment that he feels more confident, for example by saying “You look very beautiful tonight”.
- Warm the atmosphere, do not wait for him to initiate the communication. Berinisiatiflah to initiate communication with him. And remember that just do not give the question needs to be answered with “yes” or “no”, it just will not be producing an exciting atmosphere. Give a little joke-jokes that will make her smile, try to eliminate awkward between you two.

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