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Here are three tips dating from 1938.

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BOWES – LYON Partnership found a poorer guide to dating from 1938 can still apply for a date in the modern era now .
Hayley Bystram , dating agency director Bowes – Lyon Partnership said , ” This guide has decades of age and comparable between funny and insightful . Language is perhaps a little old-fashioned , but there are some tips that are still relevant to a date in the year 2013. “
Here are three tips dating from 1938 .

Do not sit in awkward positions and do not look bored ( even if you are bored )
As with any body language experts tell , if you look awkward , then this can make your date feel too awkward . So if you think your date is not going so well , be polite and think about what would happen if you are in the opposite position . Try to enjoy it as best as you can .
Do not talk about clothes or trying to explain your new dress with a guy . Invite your date to talk about the things that he wanted to talk about.
First , he does not care about clothes . They might like to wear clothes that show off your curves or make breasts look bigger , but they do not care where you buy the clothes , what brand , how much, or how long you choose . If you work in the world of fashion or fashion likes , let him , but do not give a barrage of info about the boring subject in any situation !
Second , give a lot of questions . You gather as much information as possible to determine whether you want a date with her ​​for the second time , what happens is you actually talk about him all night . It is not only boring , but it makes you will lose him .
Do not be sentimental
There is a fine line between showing your sentimental side and crying at the dinner table . Men need to know that you can achieve emotional , but not excessive . If you ‘re both honest about his own feelings , there is no room for confusion and second-guessing what he pikrikan about you .

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