The Times You Shouldn’t Text a Guy

October 18, 2009 by kmc1111  
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Before you hit send consider how he might see your words.

Text messaging has become a huge part of dating, surpassing phone calls and even emails between couples. However, there is such a thing as over texting. There are actually times when a text can damage a relationship. How to know if you’re guilty of sending the wrong kind of texts? Read on to discover the worst offenders.

Early In The Relationship

You’ve had a date or two with an amazing guy and you want to tell him just how much you enjoyed yourself. Hold back for now. At this point it’s good to let him do a little chasing, so try to appear cool and just a bit mysterious. That means no initiating texting!

You’ve Had One Too Many Drinks

Drunk texting is always, always, always a bad idea. Tell a friend beforehand to stop you if you reach for your mobile. The worst message to send early on in a relationship is one that discusses the big L word. If neither of you has said it yet you certainly don’t want to say it through a tipsy text.

When Youre Being Sarcastic

Sarcasm and joking might come off as cute and funny in your head but written down it can seem agressive. A guy might think your angry with him about something when really you’re just having a laugh, so save your quick wit for face to face conversations, at least until you know each other well enough to get each others humor.

You’re On The Rampage

So he hasn’t called or forgot a date. You’re understandable upset and want to let him know. However text him about it. We speak much more harshly in written word than we do when actually faced with someone. Remember a text is in writing, and writing can’t be taken back.

When You’ve Already Texted Him Today

When you’re seeing someone it can be tempting to just rely on text messages to keep in contact. By doing that you’re actually discouraging the more personal outlets such as phone conversations and one on one time. Also, he really doesn’t need a blow by blow account of your day.

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