The Success of How To.

May 24, 2012 by avissado  
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Falling short of title topics, write a How to.. Success guaranteed!

Yes mate. Me talking about just that -The Success of How to..(article writing, YES, that’s what I am talking about, right here).

The world(US-people) is always looking for something else -something more! A new idea, a suggestion, a tip, a way to do it better! In other words  we are always on the look out for a How to.. I guess this explains the reason for the sucess of How to.. articles on the internet.

In the real world and the virtual, a How to..attracts more eyeballs.

How to brush your teeth…and chuck your dentist forever!

How to write like a pro.

How to achieve success, instantly!

How to lose weight…and still eat chocolate,lots…

How tips!

How to..

The list of How to.. that is available on the internet today is endless. Actually, there’s a number to it: 13,200,000,000 results (0.28 seconds) when checked at 1:35pm, 24/05/2012, UK.

You will have already heard this, many times over, am stating it again, Falling short of title topics, write a How to..Success guaranteed!”  

Yeah mate. It’s easy to write a How to.. Anyone can do it. You can write a How to.. just about anything you do. It’ll get views, for sure! It’s a vast world of how to’s.. True! I understand your worry over your How to..being ignored. But still I think it’s a worth a try. Trust me. All the very best!

Post me the links of your How to.. and I’ll view it. That’s one view for you, guaranteed!


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22 Responses to “The Success of How To.”
  1. girishpuri Says:

    very nice post

  2. momofplenty Says:

    Very good idea… I might do a how to or two. Thanks

  3. lauralu Says:

    Good tips thanks

  4. bryan21764 Says:

    Good post and 100% true.


  5. wonggunung Says:

    nice share

  6. faithshore Says:

    I think your point makes sense…but I also think that cheap thing never works. We should focus more on building long term relationships with our readers…lasting quality relationships.

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  7. Safa Says:

    Thanks for the tip

  8. vickylass Says:

    May do too. Good share!

  9. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Yes, how to supposedly is one of the best titles that draw attention.
    Good points, Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Eiddwen Says:

    Very interesting and useful;thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.

  11. Kharla Jolly Says:

    Thanks again, Avissado! My views are down again but, that’s because it’s a holiday weekend. Almost everyone is vacationing, traveling, visiting friends or relatives. Few of us are at home, hoping for clicks.

  12. Ixodoi Says:

    Great post – one comment: It is advisable that most of your text won’t be bold or Italic – otherwise Google index algorithm won’t like your page.

  13. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Lots of people need to to

  14. Linvio Says:

    True… I notice a big difference in terms of viewership on my how to articles…

  15. Eunike Says:

    Yes, how to article is interesting

  16. KittyK Says:

    Great idea…

  17. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    I like it.keep up a good work.

  18. Tiki33 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  19. jfay1995 Says:


  20. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    Thanks for the share:)

  21. Tiki33 Says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  22. sabanawaz Says:

    great tips

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