The Subject of Attraction…finding Mister Right..

November 12, 2011 by jjandedt  
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This crazy world we live in and just some of my thoughts…

Actually Attraction is tops on my list…Whether it is physical or sexual…both are about the same in my book, but what attracts me, may not attract you…

Relationships take a lot of hard work, it is a give and take moment in time… so at first it is the physical attraction that draws you in, but learning about another person, taking the time to know all about them takes time…and you may be thinking do I really want this relationship, I don’t have time, or all that is going to happen is I am going to get my feelings and emotions hurt again for caring or trying.

Seriously that is because you think you all ready know what you want in a mate….Love happens out of the blue, attractions happen out of the blue, so you’re on a mission for the perfect person to be there or perfect body parts, to the perfect chin, whether it is a stable relationship the outcome will appear…but hiding your heart, taking this love as it is, may not be you.

Each and every one of us are attracted to different people, body build, facial hair, eye color, etc… and on the other hand we are repulsed by many things about men and women, the turn offs stay in our brains, that recorder, that lets us know what we like and dislike.

Yes your senses attract you to men or women, and many other different people, and the process of finding mister right or the perfect mate may not be easy…

While the attraction is there, all the pieces are missing, you may find them physically attractive, but the love or passion is missing when you’re looking for the sexual attraction…While the attraction is there and you may do something physical…the passion isn’t there…Looking for that Chemical of love…or a long term relationship…

Naturally we are attracted to people, that could be mates with good smells, with the physical a attractive body, and on the other hand some attractions are like garbage to our noses, there is this one man, who talks to me but he smells like moth balls, it turns me off, it is repulsive to me…This is funny, because he lives with his mother, odd sort of person, but comes to see me each and every day…his smell turns me off, even though the physical attraction is there, it will not go anywhere…because I can’t get past the smell of mothballs, it reminds me of my Grandma and her wool coats not that I didn’t love her, when she hugged me all I could smell was mothballs.

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