The Signs He is Falling in Love

January 7, 2009 by cm cisneros  
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A few signs any woman can pick up on when she wants to know if her man is falling in love with her. Some times men have trouble communicating those three words she longs to hear.

For months now you and your boyfriend have been dating and you have developed deep feelings for him, but how can you tell if he’s feeling the same? There are three little words that many women want to hear, but not all men are great at communicating them. However you shouldn’t have fear or doubt about what he is feeling. There are signs a women can pick up on and learn what her man feels about her and the relationship, if she remembers that only seven percent of communication is verbal. Make yourself alert to what your boyfriend does or ask yourself these questions.

· Does your boyfriend call you because he wants to spend more time with you other than once a week? And does he stop dating other women?

· Does your boyfriend put his arm around you when he introduces you to his male friends?

· Is he very affectionate, considerate and attentive about your needs?

· Does he sincerely care about your health and care about your families well being?

· Does he talk to you about things he can not talk to others about? Does he take your opinion into consideration before he makes a decision?

· Is he interested in communicating with you after sex? Or is he interested in your life and want to spend time making you happy?

· Does he tell you how wonderful you make him feel, and how you enrich his life?

· Does he enjoy being physically close to you? Or happily shows affection for you in public?

· Does he look for ways to surprise you? And does he put you first over his favorite sports channel?

· Does he spend time in choosing gifts for you?

· Does he call you or email you to tell you he misses you? And does he want to take care of you, speaks highly of you to friends and family?

· Does he talk about a future with you?

· And most important does he give without being asked and accepts you for who you are?

Now if he does not do all of these things but happily tells you that he loves you then you have your answer, but if after sex he gets up gets dressed and says, “I’ll see you later.” then you know your answer then too and why bother.

There have been articles written by experts over the years where women have asked this question and most of the articles have ten or more ways to tell if he is falling in love or not. Any one of the popular magazines on occasion has a list of ways to tell but watching what he does and picking up on his actions toward you will tell you what you want to know. Those three little words are what any woman would want to hear but they are being tossed around a lot and have little meaning any more, but watching for some of these signs should put your mind at ease.

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4 Responses to “The Signs He is Falling in Love”
  1. yeng Says:

    what if the guy is really not a PDA and a silent type? my boyfriend made it clear that he don’t like to show affections in public. But if we’re together he’s very sweet and he’s telling me these 3 words as often as he can, but i noticed that he’s actions didn’t show it…

  2. christine. Says:

    I’ve only been dating my boyfriend for about a week now. I feel that we rushed into things but than again idk. He always wants to be around me and makes me feel amazing. Does that mean im falling for him? I haven’t felt this way in a while.

  3. Chilla Says:

    we are not in a relationship but he told me he loves me and hje is sincere about it, i just dont know. i know he meets his girl -friend who is also a teacher in writing a lesson plan, but i just dont know how to react. i dont know where to stand. he told me that if we\’ll have a realtionship things will change so he wants to keep it the same as what we have.

  4. Maria Says:

    Im falling for a guy atm, who I don’t know at all. Ever since I met him we’ve been talking every day and I have met his family,and he’s met mine. He is even coming for dinner at my parents’ tomorrow!

    He says that he loves me, and that it’s been a long time since anyone made him feel that way. He remembers what I tell him, and he seems generally interested in my life. Even after sex we can talk for hours..Unles he is seriously knackered.

    BUT – he doesn’t wanna be called my boyfriend, because he says he is afraid we might rush things.. Which has gotten me very confused..

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