The Most Important Feeling in a Romantic Relationship: Lust vs. Emotion

August 20, 2009 by ajosephine  
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The thought of what feeling lust for another person can lead to. The possibility of a one night stand turning into something you never intended. The connection needed to truly be involved with someone on any level. Sex is never just sex.

Lust, is there such a thing?

Win or lose ask yourself is it worth it?

You must know the person you desire, so that you know you can trust them.

Sex is to under rated when it comes to people meeting and just having sex.

You have to take the time and make the effort to know the person you intend to be intimate with.

For a woman, well this woman I feel I need a connection, a click, a vibe.

More then just attraction with someone in order to take it to the next level.

If I’m sharing my body, my temple with someone with the intention of it being onetime or the beginning of many times. I need to know and trust this person on many levels.

I know I’m a person of my word and a good person at that. However, many people do not offer the same in themselves.

It’s about sex, but it’s not only about sex. At times something you think as simple as sex turns into a deep desire. One that you may be fighting, but unable to beat the battle in the end.  Imagine having someone in your world your not really anything more then associates. At the same time this person gets you. By this I mean not just your attention, but you’re attracted to them on many levels. They somehow get under your skin, in a good way and you don’t know how they got there.

They make you feel things not just any one has made you feel. You think of things you never thought you would want to do.

Imagine you go and meet someone with the intention of it being nothing more then a date, no possibility of anything. Just two people with similar interest meeting for the first time for a social gathering. Instead of it being nothing, just a night out with a person who is really a stranger to you, turns out to be a one-night stand. Before it happens, you feel it. You know exactly what’s ahead. You know from the first few seconds of meeting up with this person, if the night will be sexual.

The night is over, the sun now rising. You should not be there anymore, but you are and the last thought on your mind is leaving.

Before you know it, this one nightstand person is in your thoughts more often then not. You begin dating more and more and now this is no longer something that reflects a one-night stand.

Now this never ending  ‘not‘ one nightstand is long lasting, so enjoy it, and when it’s over let it go.

I can’t say don’t get attached because you cannot continue to have a sexual relationship without getting some kind of attachment or feelings to the person. Doesn’t mean you have to get feelings or emotions, but you can get attached. This person had something, which drew you to them.

Nothing wrong with that, this is what makes everybody different.

Lusting is healthy and can make you feel alive.

For someone to admire you is a compliment and should be appreciated.

You cannot control your heart, your lust you can control, but only for so long.

Is it wrong for a woman to lust after a man? I think not!

Is it wrong to desire another if you are in a long-standing relationship?

In my opinion I think it is perfectly fine *but with limits.

If you decide to take it to another level, then be woman/man enough to handle it.

It’s not a board game, when you’re done you put it away.

My final Words

Look at your days as lessons, never mistakes. Mistakes are repeated, lessons are learned.

Learn from people what you can and use it to your advantage.

Everyday, I never look at things for what they are, but what they can/will be.

The opportunity is always there for change, just make it positive.

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2 Responses to “The Most Important Feeling in a Romantic Relationship: Lust vs. Emotion”
  1. LoveDoctor Says:

    Excellent article:) It can also happen in any relationship not necessarily a one-stand but also when you are casually dating somebody.

  2. ajosephine Says:

    Thank u for your comment and your time, and u r so correct

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