The Big Dating Secret

August 8, 2011 by Mankine  
Published in Dating

Why doesn’t she invite you back to her place?


     Men, take notes- it’s been 3 months and on your dates with her, you two have been making out like animals. Despite that fact, she has yet to invite you back to her place at the end of the evening. The question may be, “Is she waiting for me to invite myself?”

     I realize your pocket rocket may be burning a hole in your Levi’s, but what if she’s just savoring the anticipation? We all know that 6 months after your first naked foray, the frantic, high-intensity necking will come to an end. From then on, kissing will feel like pulling on a soft and wonderful but altogether too familiar sweater. So why not let this stage linger a bit longer? If there’s another, more serious reason behind the big delay, you’ll find out soon enough.

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