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June 20, 2013 by prosperher  
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Practical advice to women on what a quality better known as an authentic man looks like.


If you are a single woman, chances are you know how very difficult it can be to meet a man who is truly authentic.  You know what I mean, a quality man without an agenda, and who is truly seeking a quality woman to give his heart to unconditionally.  Fortunately, while traveling on business, I had the privilege of meeting two quality gentleman, respectively that fit this description.

After meeting and interacting with each of these gentleman, I was quickly reminded that there are still a few truly authentic men still available to date and possibly marry.  These two gentleman represent the very essence of what makes a man truly authentic.  In short, meeting these gentlemen inspired me to compose a brief list fo the personal attributes that make up of the inner landscape, if you will of an authentic man.

  • Has a Personal Relationship with God.  An authentic man, as in the case of these two gentleman that I recently met, will more than likely have spiritual foundation.  An authentic man will do more than just provide lipservice that he believes in God, and has a personal relationship with God.  The very fact that he has a spiritual foundation, will be reflected through his actions.    For an authentic man, God serves as his moral compass, in guiding all of his decisions, molding his character, and how he choses to conduct himself within his relationship dynamics.
  • Keeps His Word/Uphold His Commitments.  One tell-tale sign sign of an authentic man, is his willingness to keep his word by honoring any promises he has made to those he has relationships with, whether they are his personal or business relationships.  An authentic man values all of his  relationships, and realizes that his failure to keep his word and/or honor his commitments is a reflection of his character.  Whether it is something as simple as keeping his word by picking up a gallon of milk for his grandmother or something more serious such as honoring the shared custody arrangements he has agreed to in regards to his children: the authentic man takes pride in being an upstanding man that keeps his words/honors his commitments.
  • Trust-Worthy.  A man that is truly authentic, will also be trust-worthy without a doubt.  His modus opperandi is not that of disloyalty and deceit.  Simply put,  an authentic man realizes that in order to successfully sustain all of his relationships, whether business or personal, they have to be founded on trust.  Moreover, an authentic man will do everything within his power to not breach the trust of others. 
  • Respectful.  Being respecful of others, especially in regards to their personal boundaries, makes of the very core of an authentic man.  An authentic man truly cares about the feelings of others, and is usually highly regarded in his community, on his job or within his company, and by his peers and relatives.  In regards to his personal relationships, you will find that a man that is truly authentic thrives on making his wife or girlfriend happy.  Since he cherishes her he does not undermine their relationship by resorting  to cheating, and/or manipulative and controlling behavior toward his woman.  He treats his woman as his equal, and as the gem that she is.   I know this firsthand, because the aforementioned gentlemen that I met while traveling recently, share the same personality trait: they are both very respectful toward women and truly revere them.
  • Industrious/Hard-working.  Last but not least, an authentic man is very industrious/hard-working.  He takes his responsibilities seriously.  For the authentic man, a ‘job is job:’ even if he is a Mason or AutoCad Drafter by profession, he will take a job at Burger King as a fry cook, if need be to take care of his fiscal responsibilities and/or to provide for his family.  Yep, that is what an authentic man does.

In conclusion, these are the qualities that I truly feel capture the inner landscape of the authentic man.  While they are few and far between, it is still very possible to meet quality men that are the very essence of what makes them an authentic man.

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