Taking Stock

February 17, 2011 by tonyleather  
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Taking things for granted, especially because you have a certain appeal for the opposite sex, can be very costly.

“You’re certainly a better lunch companion than old Fred,” he said, “but your interest in me seems a bit sudden.”

Linda tossed her head back, blonde hair shivering with the reverberation of her laughter. The hair colour wasn’t real, but then niether was she. He was right, of course.  She wanted to add him to her collection of admirers, having finally noticed him after six months working at the same place.

“I was just a bit shy,” she whispered in reply, “didn’t want to seem forward.”

The smooth contours of her long neck seemed to fascinate him as much as the boundless blueness of her eyes.  She was sure she had what he wanted, but there would be a heavy price. The hardness in her, honed by selfish desperation, was normally well hidden. Men were so predictable, and her body was the weapon that she’d used with cruel indifference for years.

“That’s a joke,” came his smiling retort, “ You have a reputation for going after men you take a shine to.  Just be careful what you ask for, Linda.  One day you might get it.”

Robert, on the other side of the canteen table, made her shudder.  Not with apprehension, but desire.  He’d seemed unimpressed by her blatant come-ons. She wasn’t used to any man’s indifference.  Frustration mingled with fear, but he had a magnetism she couldn’t resist.  Only six inches taller than she, and slightly overwieght, he wasn’t anything like her usual choice.

It was the close-cropped grey hair, that gave him the appearance of a prison inmate, and the steel grey eyes that bored right into her. He was gazing now into her eyes, pulling at her very soul.  She had to have him, to put him in his place.

“ Your eyes tell secrets that your mouth can’t voice.” He said, “ Windows to the soul”, and she shivered involuntarily, before replying.

“  No time now to ask what you think you see. We have to go back to work. For the answer we need somewhere more private. Any suggestions?”  She whispered, throatily, in response.

Robert looked hard at her.  She’d been flirting with him for a couple of weeks now. He was single and without a current girlfriend.   What did he have to lose?

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