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November 26, 2011 by denirusyana  
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That’s right: The tables were turned but for the fifth season finale, Stanger was the guest of honor… or infamy, Small Business Saturday gets bigger.

Small Business Saturday gets bigger, ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ finale recap: Patti searches for love, Fans of Millionaire Matchmaker know (and love!) the show attracts some obnoxious characters. But the other day, viewers were treated with a loud-mouthed, vulgar, over-the-top candidate, companies which in fact had never been seen before: Patti Stanger herself.

Small Business Saturday gets bigger, That’s right: The tables were turned but for the fifth season finale, Stanger was the guest of honor… or infamy, for the way you would like to view it. The montage-heavy episode – seriously, she’s bru-tahl to those awkward dudes – started with Patti, fresh off another stop by at an astrologer, burst into Matchmaker headquarters and declared: “Momma wants a mixer!”

Patti couldn’t fix up herself, so she enlisted Rachel and Destin (who, let’s be genuine here, totally missed a chance to wreck havoc on her) and also two of Stanger’s buddies. Twist! The foursome met with prospects, keeping the fact the millionaire was Stanger herself around the down low.

The genuine fun began if the mixer started. When she burst through the doors (the photo at left) on her big reveal, the guys were all pretend-surprised and shocked. I say pretend because each of the reactions were super-delayed, and I feel as if there might happen to be a bit “group think” taking place where no person actually recognized her, but they all pretended to simply because they realized it turned out expected. Moving on…

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A nervous Stanger announced, “Break the principles! Have three drinks!” a nod to her famous two-drink maximum standard operating procedure. Because the team really wanted Stanger to identify a match, plus given that they a full hour of TV to fill with one millionaire, they let Patti have three mini dates and 2 master dates. Ingestion? Destin and Co. got a chance to pick the person to the second master date.

Date # 1 would have been a trip to a dude ranch having a professional car collector named Mike (the team’s choice, not Stanger’s). Stanger Goes Cowgirl – detailed with rodeo hat – wasn’t her best look. Mike seemed into Stanger, and I’m sure he meant well, but the dude’s intensity made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a kitten. Too much too soon, bro. Of course, that date ended with Mike asking if he could kiss her. (Note to guys: Never do this.) Instead, they shared an uncomfortable high-five.

The date with John, Patti’s original pick, was a smoother experience. The duo went along to her favorite spa, and then followed by purchasing some zip lining along with a romantic dinner. The good thing of the package? John’s a DILF. Lovely. The dinner conversation was essentially the most interesting section of the episode (if you’re not watching for schadenfreude glee, that’s) given it showed an entirely different side of Stanger. She may be all ball-busting business 99 percent of times, but Date Patti (as she calls herself) was relaxed, inquisitive, and vulnerable – just about the precise the complete opposite of the girl on Watch What are the results. Date Patti and John clicked, ending in a very kiss as well as an on-screen update read that they seen the other several more times since taping.

Patti Stanger makes a profession away from helping other folks find love, with every week on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ (Tue., 9PM ET on Bravo). But soon, she turned the entire power of her matchmaking service on herself. It ought to be difficult helping other folks find love on a regular basis when you are not in love yourself.

In cases like this, Stanger was the millionaire, and also the service hooked her on top of John, an incredibly nice-looking man who was genuinely fascinated with what she did for a job and how she came to this specific calling.

Stanger didn’t even appear to realize how good the date was going when she visited show him in your home, and the man instead waited for a hug. But that hug immediately escalated with a kiss, and also the date immediately escalated to a few more. Could Patti Stanger have finally found fascination with herself?

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