Six Tips Reduce Desire Return to Former

May 30, 2011 by Radjabisol  
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Often met former apostles, the relationship ends? Try not to recall the past. It can actually make you want to go back out with.

Try the new challenges that can captivate you and to divert the mind from the former. As quoted Glamour, following 6 tips you can do to dampen the desire back to a former lover:

1. Bring a male friend at the event which may be attended by the former. Nothing is more powerful to prevent feeling the former if there is another guy next to you. It would be better if your boyfriend is a successful man and have a high confidence.

2. If you still like to think the former, try to remember back to the reason you break up with him. Women like to remember things just fine when connected so that it will be increasingly difficult to forget the former. While considering all the painful events that have occurred will make sad, it makes you no longer potent remember him.

3. Ask for assistance to continue to remind your friends. Friend is a good reminder for us aware if you do the wrong thing. They will not be misleading you.

4. Tell yourself that you are too good for your ex. Expect behind the former is a setback in your life. Think ahead and make positive changes as a new beginning in your life.

5. Say ‘no’ on every call to the former. Perhaps you have always obeyed when dealing permintannya and rarely say no to reject it. Tell them firmly you are enjoying your own life.

6. Yourself busy, divert your mind by following the new activities with friends. By not doing anything will make you tired and cause thoughts to return to the former. If you fight with someone because you are bored with life, perhaps looking for another man would be better. But not with the former.

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  1. papaleng Says:

    Seems some very good tips to try.

  2. cterrell Says:

    very good article.Great tips!

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