Single Females Versus Atlanta’s Ratio

September 29, 2007 by V Lyric Parker  
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How many times have you heard that finding a good man was hard because of the female to male ratio?

As a single black woman in Atlanta, how many times have you complained of the lack of dating and the rise of disrespect of our women and heard that it is because the ratio of women to men are 5 to 1? In some cases and areas, I’ve been told the numbers are unbelievably higher at 20 to 1 and that men are like children in a candy store.

The fact is, after researching this theory, I have concluded it to be a myth or rumor probably made up by some disgruntled sistah who may have actually believed the gap was that broad. It was an exaggeration at best. Still, it is clear to me that the females are faced with a dilemma. It is the dilemma of dating in the 21st Century.

As little girls, we read books that told us that we would have a Prince to come and save us from misery. Not until then do we have our happily ever after. But Prince Charmin didn’t sleep with Cinderella’s step sister. Snow White didn’t have to worry about her prince on the “down low” with the Seven Dwarfs. Little girls should be taught the reality of things early on and then maybe we won’t have so many depressed and suicidal females before they’re able to drive.

With that said, a report cites the ratio of black men to women as 597 men for every 1,000 women, nearly 2 to 1. But consider unemployment and there are 297 eligible men to every 1,000 black women. This statistic didn’t take in account that there are many homosexual men and men in the prison system. Still it is my opinion that our complaint if any, should be that Atlanta leads the nation in cities with the highest number of children living in poverty.

I was told by a male associate of mines that I was too hard on men. You see, he seemed to think that men without jobs or disrespectful men were being raised by bad mothers and that any judgment should fall on them.

I beg to differ, and that doesn’t mean I don’t hold women accountable to some degree. But bad men are not likely to have been raised by bad mothers, as much as they are taught by absent fathers and there’s a difference.

The plan, if you believe in the “good book” was that men were supposed to work while the women tend to the home and focus on the children. Now you have the majority of women working forty plus hours a week and trying to be a good mother and it’s hard. Most neglect to do the motherly things and make more mistakes than usual tending to their seeds and the future harvests a bad crop, thus provides another link to an already thriving chain of disruption.

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7 Responses to “Single Females Versus Atlanta’s Ratio”
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your numbers are totally off. You need to read some govt. census surveys. The ratios aren’t extravagant as you believe.

  2. Neka Says:

    Read the entire article please. It says that the numbers are exaggerated.

  3. Miss. Lady Says:

    I agree with you to a certain degree. I heard the rumor/myth when I first moved to the ATL. And 3 years later after watching friends in relationships and being in a few (very few) I’ve come to my own conclusion. Their is not a shortage of men in Atlanta. Its’s just way to many women here that let them get away with some of the things they try to get away with. I’ve observed in my 3 years of living here that money means alot to the men here and if you don’t have any (material things also) they don’t want you. This is just my opinion. No one has to agree with me. Lonelyness is not a bad word. In fact, in my lonely days I found out alot about myself, things I never knew about me. First and foremost is that “I LOVE ME”. And with GOD’S unconditional love for me and loving myself, who needs love from a man with conditions and all kinds of unwanted “DRAMA”. Granted I do sometimes and I mean sometimes I do miss the touch of a man, I love me way more than that man’s touch. It’s to much work. And until change comes I’ll stay alone (me and B.O.B that is). That thing works wonders!

  4. bert ashford Says:

    pretty good article!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jerome j haynes the megaman! Says:

    the man 4u is right unda ur nose…
    i love what ur saying…

  6. EJ Says:

    My cousin lives in Atlanta as a marketing rep for Atlanta Falkins. I’m going to tell her about Chattahoochee lol. no seriously she complained about finding a man.I appreciate the info

  7. Barry Says:

    I’ve lived in Atlanta for the past 20 years, been single for the past 12 years. From my vantage point I see the ratio as about 3-1. It’s not a huge disparity but what makes it appear larger is the fact that the unemployed and financially challenged guy is omitted by women. He is included in the statistical data, which affects the ratio, but he is invisible to eligible women. That’s why you get the exaggerated numbers. And I haven’t even mentioned the plethora of DL’s and Homosexuals that reside in and around the city of Atlanta. Furthermore, women are not helping their cause when they are constantly trying to shove their archaic religious dogma down a brothers throat. One woman told me that “if you don’t love my Daddy then we can’t get to know one another.” At first I’m thinking “your Daddy?” “What does he have to do with this?” She meant, If I don’t love Jesus. I just wished her the best and got off the phone, besides, she was the one calling me. In conclusion, the ratio is what you make of it, if you believe it to be so large a gap that you won’t find the right guy, then, you won’t. That’s the bottom line.

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