Simple Dating Ideas for Exciting Dating Life

February 21, 2012 by silhouette  
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Looking for romantic dating ideas? Run out of exciting ideas to do with your partner? here are some simple new ideas for making your love life blooming again.

All people love the romantic dating event. It always be a memorable moments in one’s life.
However, it is often that people get bored when they don’t know what to do and clueless.

Here are some dating ideas for you to try.

1. Food sampling Date
It won’t make you give out all of your pocket if you only going to fast foods chain. Even only a simple restaurant, it is a lot of fun to go with your loved one from one restaurant to another and have their specialties. And yeah, don’t forget to skip your high calories snack before doing this kind of date.

2. Learn Something New Together
Learning a new skill with your partners can give a lot of fun. besides, it can make you closer with your partner. try to have something new like make a handicraft, or anything that both of you might interested.

3. Sports Dating
This is a good ideas since sport induce the production of body chemical that makes you feel good. Try to go hiking, rafting, or anythings that interest both of you.

4. Simple Picnic on a not-simple place
You can have a simple picnic, just try to found not-so simple place such as head to a deserted island, etc. and make your dating very exciting.

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