She’s Not That Into You!

December 6, 2011 by Melanie T  
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How to tell if the girl you like really likes you back.

He stands at the bar telling her how “hot” he thinks she is.  She politely thanks him.  He goes on to ask her what she does for a living and again she politely answers.  Yet does this mean she really likes him or is she simply being polite?  

Believe it or not many men lose the “signal” when it comes to women.  They confuse how they feel about her with how they think she feels about them and often misinterpret friendly for flirty.  I’ll give you a “for instance”: Last week I listed some fencing on a local website that I was trying to get rid of.  I had several emails and texts from people interested in the wood but one stood out.  The man texting me seemed more interested in me then in the wood.  In my listing I had explained that the reason I was getting rid of the wood was because I hads cut my fenced yard in half to keep my neighbors and passersby from playing or messing with my dog.  When the guy asked questions about my dog I answered them politely but when he started asking questions about me I asked why he was asking and he said he thought I was flirting! I of course replied with “Since when does friendly mean flirty”?  Needless to say I haven’t heard from him since!

I think that there are definitely times when a woman can be flirty without knowing it.  However I also think that if a man is truly interested in a woman he should find out if she is really into him before he becomes a stalker by pressuring her into dating him when she really isn’t interested.  

How can you tell if she is into you? Simple, does she look into your eyes when you talk?  Does she ask questions about you as well? Is she asking when you are going to see each other again? If you answered yes to these questions then your chances are good.  However, if you answered no, and if she seems to be looking for an escape then odds are she’s not that into you!

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5 Responses to “She’s Not That Into You!”
  1. Erin Miller Says:

    Very true.

  2. LoveDoctor Says:

    Some men have a big ego and misinterpret friendly behavior for romantic interest. It’s happened to me before since I’m friendly and sociable. You did the right thing

  3. Emancipation Says:

    You did the right thing as LD mentioned. I think men do read the signals totally wrong at times. Though some girls do deliberately flirt and mislead for attention.

  4. Ebony Oliver Says:

    Well said,nice article

  5. BruceW Says:

    Of course your fence guy couldn’t see your eyes by email… :-)

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