Seven Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

January 23, 2009 by Hitch  
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Are you ready for a better relationship? Catch his eyes immediately and keep him forever.

Are you having a hard time seducing him? You’re out of ideas on how to get the guy you just fell in love with? Don’t worry, I have seven new ways on how to knock him down! Try it and watch!

Many times we want things that we can’t have, but when we love there is no “I can’t”. You need motivation and courage and the rest will come along because no man can resist a woman that really knows what she wants.

Here you have seven reasons to catch his eyes immediately:

1. Sense of humor

Men love jokes and brands about sports. If you prove to be funny and answer his jokes then rest assured that he‘d look at you as a great mate. Be careful not to run too far because he doesn’t need a clown around him.

2. Don’t try to be better than him all the time

Maybe you’re more talented than him and know more things than he does, but you don’t have to show that to him all the time. Men love to feel strong and give advices to others. Therefore, you should look fragile and helpless sometimes.

 3. Give him quality sex

The components forming a man are brain, heart, stomach and penis. I don’t know the order of them (I have a vague idea) but the part with having care of his penis is important. The more he’s in love with you in bed, the more things will be better in your relationship.

4. Cookery bonus

A woman that cooks well reminds him of his mother, and men do look for a mother, don’t they? Well, it’s not necessary to make complicated recipes, but you can cook something that will show him how much you care about him.

5. Give him his own private space

Don’t take his oxygen away, don’t stress him and don’t try to turn him into one of your limbs. The more freedom he gets, the more he’ll wish to come to you. Inverse psychology works perfect in the relationship with men, use it.

6. Stay the same as when he met you

I mean look great, stay fit, pay attention to details. Don’t add 20 pounds to your weight after merely 2 months of relationship or your love will shrink with every pound you put on.

7. Show some interest in what he likes or does

Even if you don’t understand what he does or you don’t find it interesting you have to show him that you care about what he does. Even if you don’t understand football at least you can try to watch a game in which his favorite team plays (find out which is his favorite team before cheering when the opponent scores).

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  1. La Says:

    Nice article. Thanks!

  2. Kia Says:

    Great article.. pretty basic but even the smartest women can screw up on this..

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