Seven Steps to Success First Date

April 2, 2012 by Rahmat Syam  
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How to success in your first date? This article will help you.

When you make a date with a guy you like, of course you want to end up with success. Here are some tips to guide you during a date.

It is important in getting a date is to present a romantic side. Notmany women could be creating an intimate atmosphere while dating a man’s dream.

For that, follow these steps to make your first date continues, as quoted from loving you.

1. Appearance on the first date is crucial. Customize your appearance with a goal date. Do not be too excessive, generallymen like feminine clothes and simple.

2. Delivering the sentence praising his performance. Smallcompliment to the clothing worn or perfume can improve mood and confidence.

3. When eye contact is an important moment. Do not forget to givethe occasional smile when face her.

4. Men are very pleased to be praised. If he is doing more businessor things that make you happy, tell the truth. This could make him feelworthless.

5. Give a little surprise or gift in accordance with his favorite. No need something expensive or hard to come by, his favorite musicCD compilation could be an option.

6. Be a good listener. Men love to talk about himself, take advantage of this moment to recognize him even further. Do not dominate the conversation and make it boring.

7. If the date goes well and you like it, make sure he knows how you feel. You can express it in writing via sms or email as soon as theend date.

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