Seduction Tips That Turn Him on Instantly

August 31, 2009 by tasha kazuki  
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Try these little tricks to turn him on in an instant.

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Bite your lower lip.

Biting your lower lip reminds him of an expression you do during sex, when you’re concentrating so hard on different sensations that you don’t notice you’re doing it. It’s an instant turn-on.

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Slow down.

Slowing down all your movements implies he’ll spend longer time looking at you. So, for example, if you are picking up something from the floor, lift your hands really slowly, allowing his eyes to follow the movement from you feet, to your legs, till he sees your face again. This makes him gaze at you longer than normal. Don’t overdo it, though, because you might look like a retard for slowing down everything.

Play with your hair.

Men love it when women twist and fiddle with their locks—anthropologists believe it’s because it’s an old mating ritual from the animal kingdom – so push your hair from you face or run your fingers through it.


Men are drawn to curves—especially the curve of your back, as it elongates your body. So stretch those arms up and arch your back.


Research shows men are naturally more attracted to smiling women. It might sound basic, but if you want to turn him on, smile lots and look him in the eye – it’s immediate psychology foreplay.

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  2. jaysland Says:

    I am a man and i agree!!!

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