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August 31, 2013 by CarlNRudisill  
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WANT to know the best cities to find Mr right?

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WANT to know the best cities to find Mr right? Or want to quickly remove single status? You are recommended to go to five cities, one of which Salem, Oregon, United States.
Because the place known as the witch city ranks number one, where many single men who want to be ready to marry.

“Salem is a city where single men and women looking for a partner,” said Product Manager online dating site Plenty of Fish, Sarah Gooding, told SheKnows.
He explained that based on the demographics of the city, Salem has a high percentage, where the population aged between 25 and 44 years old, have a commitment to get married quickly, and settled there.
In addition, the city is famous for The Salem Witch Trial events occurred in 1692. Salem is believed that he did not want to linger dating, they chose to get married a short touch.
In addition to Salem, the following names the city is believed that you will find a partner and get married immediately.
1. Salem, Oregon
2. Vancouver, Washington
3. Lakeland, Florida
4. Clarksville, Tennessee
5. Wilmington, North Carolina.

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