Rough Edges

September 15, 2008 by marillyn shadow  
Published in Dating

Getting the most out of your relationship with him.

What do I mean by rough edges? Let’s start with this thought. If he makes you always feel sad and he’s unpredictable then he is exhibiting the rough edges kind of thing.

This of course is very unattractive and does serve to be the key element to any relationship. It is the major flaw and the ingredient for the break up.

How do you fix it? You cannot fix it and he can’t either. It is what it is. He will never change. Jerks are jerks and men who treat woman badly are just that.

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One Response to “Rough Edges”
  1. Kim Buck Says:

    Not all men are bad…my grandfather is a nice example. My grandmother is one lucky gal…

    Thanks for sharing.

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