Relationships: Top Seven Strategies to Sweeten a Fight Between Couples

January 14, 2013 by John Mihaela Stan  
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There is no couple in this world that is not arguing. After all, if we do not fight, we do not really have grounds for a "sweet" peace …. First, a healthy relationship is based conflict solving, and the most important thing is how we fight.

    Express yourself clearly

    Vague allegations will get you only resentment. Express your specific complaints, and your partner will understand why you may be upset, and try to change something. It is important to realize that an argument is not a competition with winners and losers.

    Listen to what he/she has to say

  After you’ve said everything you had on your mind, wait him/her to tell you he’s/ her’s point of view.
Do not interrupt, but listen carefully and ask questions to better understand.

   Do not jump to conclusions

  Do not draw conclusions out loud, because it will bother him. If you ask about problems that your couple has, and about his point of view on  the matter, he will become more calm. Most often, this strategy gives the best results.

   Do not raise your voice

   He is a male, and male’s  ego must be “comforted”. He will annoy even more, if you ,,scream” louder than him. Men respond much better to a logical approach to the situation, than to an aggressive one.

  Pay atention to your gestures and body position. Even if you manage to control your voice, your body may be in an aggressive position.

    NO insults!
  Do not use insulating names when you argue. If it happened, and you can not help it, apologize.

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