Part-Time Relationships

January 23, 2009 by Hitch  
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Too busy for a relationship? Act like a modern human being and try a part-time relationship. Maybe you’ll get a pleasant surprise when the part-time turns to full-time.

We stay at the office about 4, 6 or 8 hours a day. We ask and we give less so we can have more time that is private. Shortly our carrier is part-time. The system is perfect! So why don’t we use that in our relationships too?

The society changes every day and we have to change accordingly. So why don’t we face the challenge of using new concepts and ideas instead of using the old ways?

If we think about it in the early 1800’s it was unconceivable for young fertile girls not to have a baby. It’s been considered an insult to the family. That being said, the contraceptive methods are totally incompatible with that way of thinking.

That’s not it. At the beginning of the 20’s century, no one would imagine two people living together without getting married. Nowadays more and more people do this. It’s more comfortable and with less restrictions.

If all of these were considered absurd at a time, and now they’re part of our daily lives then why not try to find new solutions for our modern way of living?

Time is money and we invest our time so we can earn more, advance our careers and reach the goals we set. That’s why we forget about what was earlier considered a value. We don’t live for relationships and we don’t dream about marriage. The reason? Lack of time.

For this lack of time we invented the concept of part-time. So why not having a part-time relationship? And I’m not talking about one night stands but relationships with a minimum of emotional involvement. I mean relationships without walking in the park or useless relative visits; with no crazy mother-in-law or strange aunts.  

No cigar after sex type of living. It’s just a relationship where you get exactly what you’re willing to offer in return. If you watch closely you’ll see it’s a more official type of relationship because in this case you’ll know from the beginning the rules of the game.

Maybe you’re smiling right now thinking that’s not going to work. You’ll be surprised to see how many persons choose this type of relationship and they do it because it gives them less trouble. Sometime people establish part-time relationship and don’t even know it (really now, just think about it; when was the last time you had a cushy time with your boyfriend?)

One thing I have to say about this. Don’t get emotionally involved in a relationship if you established from the beginning that you’re not going to do that. It sounds a bit rough and cold but these are the rules of the game. It’s fair play to follow the rules (well, unless both of you break the rules; life is full of surprises).

One great thing about it it’s the fact that men tend to be attracted to women that really know what they want. That being said you’ve got all the chances for a part-time partner to become full-time.

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