Nobodys Perfect

May 25, 2013 by jfay1995  
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Nobody’s Perfect. Accept people for who they are, and accept their flaws as well. You can’t change anyone.


Nobody’s Perfect

Let’s get one thing straight, if everyone was a perfection in the making I guess there wouldn’t have been a God and Adam and Eve would have been flawless and there would be no bite in that apple to even begin with.  But let’s face it, Adam had flaws and Eve had her’s as well.  And they invited snakes into the world.

We know, as Medusa was full of them.  Hey, probably lots of flaws there!!!!!  Don’t you think?  All those poor stone souls.  And they all had flaws as not one of them possessed a darn chisel or an ice pick!!!

If you think you are perfect, have the perfect life and you believe nothing you ever do is wrong, think again sister.  There is not a soul on this planet that has no flaw to be found.

To tell the truth, I would rather come with flaws any day because that tells me I am human.  We come with flaws so that we can learn from them and see if we can perfect things.  Flaws kind of teach us a lesson about life and tell us we can be stronger because of the flaws.

I can’t even imagine a perfect world.  Like the sun without any rain and the snow without the ice?  It can’t be done.  Like April Showers bring May flowers and you have to have a mixture of both to have it all equal out in the end.

We go through our lives as well with the ups and downs and we face the things that need to be worked on and we tackle what we can.  Learning from our mistakes helps us understand the reasons we had to make them so that we wouldn’t make them again.

Who on earth wants to keep making the same mistake over and over again?  Well if you are deaf in both ears literally and refuse to accept changes and roll with the punches then yes, you’re going to keep making the same mistakes because, hey, you like making them and you can’t seem to get out of the rut of learning not to do it anymore.

It’s like the druggy who keeps taking drugs and doesn’t see beyond the near future of his or her next fix and before you know it that person winds up in the hospital or other than that dead as a doorknob because he didn’t know that it was going to ultimately kill him.

Or another great example of mistakes left and right and someone who will not be able to get herself out of her massive dilemna is Lindsay Lohan.  The mixed up girl will just never learn.  However, it didn’t begin with her and the parents as well need to all get some serious help if any of them can turn their lives around.

You have to accept some flaws as you can never completely change a person.  It’s up to them and only them to accept that something in their lives needs to change.  You can never do it for them, but you can give advice and see if that will help them see something in the mirror they did not see before.

And like there is never the perfect apple, as we would like to think, we accept it for what it is and we sink our teeth into it because hey, it’s good.

Flaws are meant to be found, dealt with and accepted as there isn’t a world without a flaw just as every person on this planet is not perfection.  We may like to be, strive for perfect things in life and if we can half of what we love perfect, that’s certainly good for me.


Jennifer Jo Fay

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