Nine Tips to Help You Successfully Find Love

February 9, 2011 by susanxu619  
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Learn the nine habits that will help you attract love.

It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect looking face, a hot body, or a closet full of clothes, you will fail at love if you don’t take care of your inner self.

1. Commitment

Sure, most people just want to look around for an easy, quick fix. What most people don’t understand is that love takes time, it takes time to build on the chemistry, it takes time for two people to get to know each other, and it takes time to be fully committed to each other. So look into a hobby and enjoy doing it regularly, if you can’t commit to yourself, how would you expect to find someone to commit to you?

2. Responsibility

People always like to blame others for their failure at love, love takes two people to work it out, don’t just blame it on your ex because he or she was not what you expected, take a minute and reflect on yourself, I’m not saying you should blame yourself but maybe there are things you could done differently to make matters better. If you don’t take responsibility now, I can tell you that the next relationship you get yourself in will just end up bad as your last one.

3. Availability

Avoid time wasters like a friend with benefits or sexual flings, you want to present yourself as 100% single and you don’t want to ruin your reputation. Also, don’t get too involved with your work or school, you have to learn how to manage time so that you can succeed in school and get the chance to go out and meet new people.

4. Love Your Work

Being bored or frustrated at your work affects your energy and make you less attractive. No one wants to be someone who hates their life, unless you want to find a person who also hates his or her life.

5. Forget The Past

The past is over and what you need to do now is open to new adventures. Do not hold grudges from your ex and learn to forgive your past mistakes so you can open your self to a new journey.

6. Be Clear

Be clear on how you want to be treated and respected in a relationship. Don’t just focus on a person’s beautiful face, also focus on their personality, make sure you know what you want in a long term.

7. Happily Wait

Don’t rush into a relationship, instead patiently wait for the best to come to you. As I said earlier, it takes time for relationships to build, don’t just throw yourself at someone, it will only make you seem easy.

8. Be Open

Always keep your mind open and inviting new ideas to make your life richer. Perhaps read a new book or watch a new movie, you want to be able to hold an interesting conversation.

9. Embrace Your Self

Have a deep compassion for yourself and never judge yourself for mistakes. Remember who you really are, that you are lovable!

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