My First Kiss Went a Little Like This..

February 2, 2011 by Evan James  
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Everyone knows who their first kiss was, Elizabeth, July 2010, in my car outside her house. But, what they don’t usually feel are fireworks like movies say. Oh and one more thing, she is my Best Friend…

Look everyone wants their perfect kiss, its raining, your man comes and takes is jacket off puts it on the ground for you to walk over and you passionately kiss.  Well I am a guy so, guess what my perfect kiss is a complete make out session.  But my first kiss was nothing like that.  

I Kissed My Best Friend.

Now we were dating.  It was official, yes facebook official too.  It was our first date, yes men i got some on the first date.  Well not all of that but a kiss yes.  I loved the girl.  She was my best friend and she was like my sister.  I know weird.  Extremely weird.  But, loving her as more than a friend covered that.  No we are not related in anyway.  

We went to go see Letters to Juliet.  We were making bets through out the movie as we cuddled about what was going to happen and we each racked up 7 kisses on the cheek.  So we went to the car, and then we argued about if i was centered in the parking spot or not.  Well she was right (or at least i let her think that) and she won another kiss on the cheek.  I gave that one to her on the spot.  We drove home and we pulled up to her house.

We wanted to make this quick cause we knew her mom and sisters would be watching.  She gave me my kisses and then it was my turn.  I started up by her ear and slowly worked my way down to….her lips.  It was my first kiss and nothing.  Completely blank.  I thought what if i did something wrong.  She had kissed one person before just once and she said it was the worse thing ever.  Well it was good enough for her, then its good enough for me.  But, still not what I thought about for a perfect kiss.  But, to Elizabeth it was perfect.

(By the way this is not us…) I am way better looking than him!

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