Mother’s Tips: Tricks to Explain The Meaning of Going to The Minors

March 25, 2013 by anita00006  
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Mother’s tips: Tricks to explain the meaning of going to the minors.

Courtship period is the period happiest and sad for couples who live it. Happy if at the beginning of courtship and sad if when disconnected. But in this era, dating has spread to children who are minors or legal age. Often we see kids smp had dared show affection in public when only 10-11 years. So what if your child is 11 years old already know the word dating, here are some for you, may be useful.

Explains Meaning of Courtship Tricks To Children Who Not Adults

1. Give way

Growth period was a golden period crucial to the future of the children. When he started to mention dating, do not let your emotions make him feel frustrated and think that dating is wrong. Give examples and understanding how should it dating. Maybe you can use it as a tool to motivate him.

2. Indicate the limit

Each phase has a limited age and specific rules about dating. Because your child is considered a child, make rules for their young. Navigate their courtship model of healthy competition and motivation to become more accomplished.

3. Sex education

Who says sex lessons obtained only when the child has grown. After all, sex does not mean simply ‘the bedroom’ only. For that you can provide understanding and monitor them so as not to get off track and not get swept free sex later.

4. Be a bestfriend

It’s a chance for you to get closer to them, let them tell all their experiences freely and without fear in you. When they feel comfortable and trust you, then he will not keep a secret and always share with you. Advantages Advantages, you can lead and set him without it feeling you as a dictator.
So if your child says she has a boyfriend how should you respond? Ask him, “what’s his name?”, And the stories will flow by itself.

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