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March 11, 2008 by JadeLuv  
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When it comes to seduction, simple things make the most impact. Subtle cues can turn your man into a love slave. Find your female sexual magnetism.

Finding your outer beauty will turn on your inner glow. When you know and love who you really are, you will be more than beautiful. You will emit radiance which is female sexual magnetism at it most potent. Do you want to draw men to you and make them desire you? Or do you want to please the man you currently have? Here are some areas that you can work on to help improve not only your self but also make your man feel adored. Love yourself and your man will follow. Keeping your man interested will make him want to be your love slave.

Radiate Beauty

Always look and smell good. Accent your personal charismatic assets. Surround your man with luxury and beauty. Flowers, candlelight, aromas, music, and velvety textures are good ways to do this. Cook him good food and serve it at a romantic setting. Read him love poetry. My boyfriend enjoys having love poetry read to him. He says its less vulgar and more romantic than watching a porn to get him turned on.

Cover your bed with rose petals and roll around in them together. The aroma will linger for hours. You can also float them in a warm tub of water and jump in together for a nice soak. The power of certain aromas can really make your man weak in the knees. Make sure to read up on aromas like vanilla and lavender. I have also heard that pumpkin is a good one also.

Flaunt the beauty of your erogenous zones. If you aren’t sure where they are just think of all the places your man can touch you that makes you feel good. Cleavage, behind the knees, and of course the obvious ones are all good places to draw his attention. Be creative with this. The more creative you are the more your man will be attracted to those areas.

Be a Tease

Experiment with your words, eyes, and senses of style to find your own unique feminine nature.

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21 Responses to “Make Your Man Want You”
  1. Miriana Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sky Says:

    I was chasing after a man named Andrew. I loved him but I didn’t exist to him…. but I did these things and he finally became mine a few months ago.. ladies– here is my advice… 1) love life… even if you don’t, act like you do. 2) be nice.. play with their little bros and sissies, smile at their friends. 3)be confident… always have a purpose nd kow what you wanna do. 4) be independent.. don’t make him think that you can’t live without him (even if you can’t) … but don’t push him away!!.. just make sure he knows that you have your own two feet. 5) be a tease… let him know you want him. 6) get in touch with his emotional side.. but remember that guys have stronger sense of pride than we do… don’t ask him soemthing personal if his friends are around… 7) make him feel all manly man… tell his friends how good he is in bed when he’s not around… give his egoa boost.

    I hope these work for you!

  3. Sheniqua Says:

    OMG!!! it works! thank you so much!

  4. Donna Says:

    I read this and with I was nicer to my husband I am so curt with
    him I have to quit comparing him to others im my mind I need to work on building him up treating him like he is the hottest guy out there and he is all mine yea thats what i will do. thanks

  5. michelle Says:

    what if you do infact send him subtle messages, and sexy texts and he doesnt respond to it? could he really not be interested?

  6. Keisha Says:

    Ladies & Experts,

    I have been dating this guy for about a month now and I’m really into this guy. But I don’t know if he feels the same! When we’re together he treats me like I’m his queen, but when we’re not, I can barely get him to text me back sometimes. He says he is always working(he’s a tattoo artist), and talks to me as much as he can. But I want more!! I am really getting mixed signals from him and I want to respond to each one the right way so I can KEEP this man and make him really, really want me & show it! And I know, as women, we have to control over these men without them knowing. I’m a naturally passive person, but I’ve really been trying to work on that to change it. I’m not controlling, but I try to be and it’s just not who I am. Ladies & Experts, help PLEASE!!!!

  7. Keisha Says:

    Ladies & Experts,

    I have been dating this guy for about a month now and Im really into this guy. But I dont know if he feels the same! When we are together he treats me like Im his queen, but when we are not, I can barely get him to text me back sometimes. He says he is always working(he is a tattoo artist), and talks to me as much as he can. But I want more!! I am really getting mixed signals from him and I want to respond to each one the right way so I can KEEP this man and make him really, really want me & show it! And I know, as women, we have to control over these men without them knowing. Im a naturally passive person, but Ive really been trying to work on that to change it. Im not controlling, but I try to be and its just not who I am. Ladies & Experts, help PLEASE!!!!

  8. lisa H Says:

    well if hes sending mixed signals he is probably in love with someone else. Likes you a lot, and is using u as a back up.

  9. kerryann Says:

    I have recently seperated from a 24 year relationship a previous guy that i dated (played up with 20 years ago) found out that i seperated & has been in contact with me. We live miles apart but i firmly believe that i have always loved him that he was the one & i let him GO!!!
    We have been intamate since my seperation however he is with his previous girl friend. I know he cares about me….but how do i get him to committ to me as this is what i REALLY & have ALWAYS wanted.
    I just never told him how I truely felt, i’m scared that if I blurt this out now that it will scare him off!!!!
    he will think I’m single, 40 & desperate…..(i’m not), but I do honestly care for him, I always have and i always will!!!!

  10. Courtney Says:

    Theres this guy that I cant get off my mind, he is amazing, I loose my train of thought when im near him and my heart skips a beat. He talks to me and all but I want to be with him. What kind of things can I do to show him I like him without scarying him off?

  11. JadeLuv Says:

    Courtney: First of all you need to take a deep breath and remain calm. Being obnoxious around him is only going to get you hurt. First of all you need to find out where you stand with him. Yes he talks to you, but are you guys friends or aquaintances? Then you need to decide if telling him how you feel is going to get you anywhere.

    Kerryann: If it is meant to be, it will be. First of all if he truly cares about you, he wouldn’t be getting intimate with you while he still has a girlfriend. Sometimes you don’t always get what you want and you have to be okay with that. Trust me, if he wanted to commit to you he would and since he hasn’t then it probably isn’t going to turn out like you want it to.

  12. katay Says:

    I’ve been this guy for about a year. He’s the man of my dream. He’s everything I want in a man, but at first he used to talk about marriage. I know what your thinking talking about marriage so soon not good. But well fell hard and fast. He was planing on asking me on Christmas, but got cold feet. He tell me he wants to marry me, but he not my daughter. Meaning he’s not really ready to be a father to my daughter. I know he’s still in love with me and is trying to see if he can really be a father to her, but along those lines I feel like he’s slipping away from me the fire that once burn for me seems to me like it’s dieing. How do I make him see….realize that I am the one for him like he once thought.
    Please help!!

  13. Allie Says:

    I love a young man, who is wierd, funny, and extremely sexy, but he never wants to kiss me in public because he doesn’t want to be “that couple”. I don’t expect a long passionate makeout, but a small kiss here and there wouldn’t hurt. Also, whenever I ask him for a kiss he gets all defensive and says I only love him for his body, which isnt true. I love him so much. What do I do?

  14. miss Says:

    i wanna know how you can make your man want to see you everyday. i think i have lost the spark in my relationship and wanna get it back. M not ready to loose him as yet. We have been through so much for us to be together. plz he[lp

  15. shaz Says:

    i love my boyfriend to bits but recently his uncle has become very sick and he is very upset cause he is very close with him…..but i feel like my boyfriend is pushing me away when im only trying to help…….now it just feels like he doesnt wanna see me all the time anymore im worried and i dont know wat to do i love him so much :(

  16. JadeLuv Says:

    The reason he is pushing you away is because he is hurting right now. Guys have a hard time dealing with their feelings and sometimes feel inadequate if they cry infront of a woman. They feel less masculine. I would let him know that you are there to support him but understand that he needs time alone to cope with what is going on. Just try not to smother him. I went through the same things and I just let him know that I was there for him if he ever needed me but that I knew that he needed alone time to cope with how he was feeling. I know that it is hard to just back off and at the same time feel like you are being pushed away. If it is meant to be then it will stand this test and it will all work out.

  17. annie Says:

    its absolutely the truth. i use the knowledge and its so far working perfectly. thanks

  18. Erol Mury Says:

    I agree with what you say by knowing yourself and loving yourself, you will be more attractive. Women must know that they too have power in relationship. Men marry for one reason, is because the women makes him feel good. That shows the power they have already. Great advice here. Keep it up!

  19. Women Men Adore Says:

    There’s a saying “If the man is the head, women is the heart”. Great advice here.

  20. rg5586 Says:

    I recently met a man who like myself lost his spouse a few years ago. We were matched up by friends who made it clear to him that I only wanted a friend. The problem is that now that I have gotten to know him I would like a physical relationship as well. He is a little old fashion and what I would call a real southern gentleman. Is there anyway that I can let him know that I want more and also find out if he also would like a physical relationship without offending him or embarrassing myself in the process. It has been a really long time since I dated and find that things are a lot different now days. He seems to really be into me and says all the right things to make me feel that he is interested. However, even after spending the entire night at my house talking all I get is a small peck of a kiss. Am I expecting too much too soon?

  21. JadeLuv Says:

    rg5586 I would say that you are expecting too much too soon, especially if he is a real southern gentleman as you claim. Give him time and drop subtle clues that you may be interested as more than just a friend now. If he asks you why the sudden change of heart you can tell him because you didn’t want to rush into things without getting to know each other first. And if you think you are ready to move things to the next level if he isn’t taking a hint, then when he goes to give you a peck push for a bit more and see what happens. If he responds negatively then apologize for being so forward, but if not then you got your foot in the door at least :)

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