Lies Married Men Tell You

July 12, 2008 by pewi  
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If you are in relationship with a married man, check my list to see if your relationship is going somewhere.

If you are in a relationship with a married man and you think he might leave your wife for you, you are mistaken.

Only 3% of married men leave their wives for their mistress.

Here are some lines (or lies) that these men will tell you in order to keep you around.

Chances are he does love you and likes you, but not enough to break up his family.

If you are too familiar with my next list, it’s time to run away.

Otherwise you will continue in a relationship that will take you no where except kill your self esteem and your potential chances of having a real relationship.

  1. I don’t love my wife.

    We are going through a hard time and I will soon be separating. That’s a LIE. Men don’t advertise leaving home to the other woman. If they are really in a bad relationship, most of them just find a place to go and leave. This is the type of conversation they have with their wives, but this is the line where they get you hooked, because you do believe that this is going to happen. Warning: Don’t believe it. If he means it, wait until he actually does it and then start dating him.

  2. I am sleeping in another room.

    LIE. Again, most men do have a place to go if they decide to leave. Don’t fall for it.

  3. I’m not with you for the sex.

    LIE. Remember men think differently. They seek sex and they fall in love out of sex. Women are different. Women crave attention and someone who will treat them well. They know this. You will get treated like no one has treated you before….but you will pay a high price for it.

  4. It’s complicated.

    There are a lot of things we need to figure out financially. LIE. What he means is that he can’t leave her or doesn’t want to leave her because there is a lot at stake money wise.

  5. I will be leaving her in… (fill in the blank)

    LIE. This is usually the lie they use when you are pulling away. Again, if he wanted to leave her, he would have done it a long time ago. He doesn’t have to wait for a certain date to pass. The pain he will cause his family it’s the same in January as it will be in September. Before a birthday or after one. Don’t fall for it. You will just keep getting emotionally involved.

  6. And the winner of them all: I’m only in the marriage for the kids.

    Although kids are an important fact to any parent, men who really leave their wives rarely take kids into account. Most of them are barely home. So it really wouldn’tt make a difference if they see them every weekend. They use their children as an excuse.

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8 Responses to “Lies Married Men Tell You”
  1. Pistol67 Says:

    I\’m married as well(not to him ) and my relationship with my married man is good. I have never caught him in a lie. He is tryig to get me to leave my husband cause he wants to marry me. The question i have is how serious is he about me.

    we don\’t have sex very offten we just hang out together and talk

  2. Awaken Says:

    I WAS with a married man. It just ended and I’m glad it did. The points which you mentioned (above), those were the lies he told me and I fell for it. God knows how many times he repeats the lie… again n again n again n again. Pffft… But I’m really glad it has ended.

  3. pewi Says:

    Any relationship that starts with a lie, it’s not a healthy relationship.
    If you leave your husband for this man, it will be great at first. But it won’t last. He will never be able to trust you because he will always have the fact that you cheated on your husband in his mind. If you are not happy in your marriage you need to figure it out before you get into another relationship. And if you decide to leave your husband, then ….it needs to be for YOU. Not for another person.

  4. Candice Says:

    I worked with someone who did not tell me he is married. For months he flirted with me and we hung out after work. He lived over an hour away from where we work together. No, he did not wear a wedding ring. 5-6 months after we hung out together he finally confessed he was married. I blame the women they are married to. How happy is your husband is he is going out after work alone with a female? I am the one who ended up hurt. I now have to see the framed wedding pictures he put up on his desk. No, I did not sleep with the guy. Yes, I did do a search on him to see if he is married. If you get married overseas or in the the islands it does not show up. I sometimes wonder why couples get married. A piece of advice to the men…If a woman is not your best friend don’t marry her.

  5. sarah Says:

    Iam in love with an indian married man who tells me that he wants to marry mein indian church but does not want to divorce his first wife as according to his church or believe he can marry again,I am not happy about it and dont want to be second wife but I love him so much frustrated now

  6. hub Says:

    I was a cheating married man, I used most of those lies because they worked. I was a scumbag. I changed when I realized what I was, cheating is so wrong. A note to the woman dating/with a cheating man…Do you REALLY want a cheater?

  7. Alicia Says:

    gosh i too fell for a man who told me every lie you have listed here. i wanted to leave him before now but i think it was better that i waited until i no longer had feelings for him and that works best for me. that way i am not suffering a heartbreak.

  8. monet Says:

    so glad too i ended my relationship with a married man. may I add this line to the list. ” I want to have a baby with you”. I loved him dearly but I should love myself first. My life with him was so miserable and I lost self-esteem

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