Let There be Love in Your Future

January 16, 2013 by California Dreamer  
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Thoughts about relationships when older an alone…

     I think there comes a time in our lives that we are not really sure if we are coming or going.  This is especially true if you are older, an either single, divorced, or widowed.  I feel we have the urge to have the companionship of another and at the same time, we feel with the age, we will not find it, or will be judged too harshly by others to be given the chance to prove ourselves to be adequate partners. 

     I have seen first hand how some judge without knowing, and I just do not understand why Men, or even women, cannot look past the first impression of “looks”  an get to know someone.  For example, if you meet through eharmony or such date site, why does the guy ask the women within like 2 conversations if she has any pics to share, an if she does, with some embarrassment due to weight, wrinkles, gray hair, etc,  then all of a sudden she never hears from him again? 

     The same can be said for a woman, who may chat an then tell the guy she has alot going on an will give him a call when has the chance, yet she never does?   Why do they just not get to know the person, give them a chance to show their inner beauty an see what happens, why are they so fast to judge the other.  I even read an article that said some men would ask a woman their credit score on first date?  WHAT THE HECK is that?  That should not even be an issue if your looking for true love.

     I can remember as my mom raised me an sis as a single parent, an when she met my step father I never really thought anything about how old he was, I just seen how happy my mom seemed to be with him.  Was not until many years later that I realized their was 29 years between them.  Yet he took the time to not only get to know her, but did not judge her, or the fact she had to young children that he was willing to get to know an love.

     As time went on, they got married an he adopted both me an my sister, an till the day he died, he loved my mom an her him, an he cared about his children.  And that makes me wonder what might or might not of come about if he jumped the gun an judged her, without really getting to know her an us.

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  1. Francois Hagnere Says:

    A very beautiful post. Thank you.

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