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August 3, 2013 by Jessemaria  
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If you are like the majority of women, you know it can be a challenge to hold a man’s interest beyond the first few dates. If you have previously met someone who seemed like Mr. Right, only to have the romance fizzle, it may be that you were going about it all wrong.

 If you are wondering how to keep a guy interested for more than just a few dates, you will be pleased to discover that with the use of a few basic techniques, this can be easily accomplished. Many individuals who regard themselves as dating experts have a tendency to over complicate the process of holding a man’s interest long term. Realistically speaking, you do not need to follow complex formulas or complicated instructions in order to learn how to keep a guy interested in you. All you have to do is implement a few practical steps in the course of the romance to transform it into a permanent relationship rather than a momentary infatuation.

Be Spontaneous and Independent

If you are wondering how to keep a guy interested in an ongoing romance, you will be happy to know that this endeavor will not require you to relinquish your independence. Nothing makes a man lose interest quicker than discovering the woman he is dating has no interests of her own. Men are much more likely to be attracted to a woman who is independent, with serious interests, as well as a successful career. However, at the same time, men do not typically fall for women who are too regimented. For instance, those who are so immersed in their careers that there is little time for spontaneous fun. Men are highly attracted to women who are willing to try things that are somewhat out of the ordinary, as this spells excitement to the average man, and almost all men are drawn to excitement. So be adventurous and try that new sport or activity that you have been wondering about, and in doing so, show your mate that he will not be bored or distracted while in your company.

Be Mysterious

Men are fueled by challenge and competition, as it is programmed into their nature. Making a man think there is a possibility that you may not ultimately choose him, is a sure fire way to keep him interested. Many women struggling with the dilemma of how to keep a guy interested have discovered that when having a conversation, the best policy is short and sweet. Revealing too much information takes away all your mystery in his eyes, which is the kiss of death with regard to long term romance. So instead, sit back and let him wonder if you are truly interested or not.

One final tip with regard to how to keep a guy interested concerns confidence. Beauty is comprised of many different aspects, and appearance is only one. A woman does not have to be drop dead beautiful in order to keep a man’s attention. Men are attracted to confident women, and more often than not, will choose a moderately attractive woman who has true confidence in herself, over a beautiful woman who has low self esteem. Therefore, do not give in to excessive preoccupation with your looks, as in doing so, your confidence level will plummet, making you unappealing to most members of the opposite sex.

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