Interracial Relationships

August 21, 2011 by maaark  
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What makes people of different races attracted to each other?

Do you know how some white women love black men and others are disgusted by them? Well I think some Asian women like white men and others are disgusted by them. I think white women can like black men because these men are usually very passionate in their emotional expression which I guess would make them great lovers too. But I have no idea why an Asian woman would like a white man.

The Asian woman can appeal to a white guy simply for sexual beauty or for the illusion of submissiveness. I say illusion because I think all women have their way of getting their own way when they want. In Asia traditional roles are still important and so they expect the man to step up to his role and be the man and women are willing to take their role. However men in the west should understand that this submissiveness comes at a cost; the man is expected to do his part also and the woman is only submissive on the surface, behind the scene she is the boss!

The above statement involves some generalizations or stereotypes; do these offend you? Do you think that they are based at least on partial truths?

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