I Am Not a Gold Digger

December 19, 2011 by HoneyWrights  
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I am not a gold digger just because I do not want a broke male:
I do not want a male who has no education, who hangs out in the streets.
Who is not doing anything with his life.

I am not a gold Digger:

Men and boys claim I am a gold digger, because I do not want them:

I want a real man I am a real woman:

Hey is it too much to ask for that I want a real man:

I want and need one man for just me and not a male who not willing to be a man.

I am not a gold digger; a gold digger is a woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits.

A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man and willing to do anything to get that man for her own self.

I am not looking for a man with money but money would help.

I only want a man who is willing to come to the table with what I bring to the table:

I work two jobs, I am in college, I go to church and I give the lord back my time talent and treasure.

I have my own car:

I want a real man that’s always there for me, and a man who I can always be there for too.

I want a real man who treats me like a Beauty queen that’s real enough to be with me and satisfy my every need.

Is that too much to ask for I do not want to be his mistress and I do not want to be his booty call.

I want a real man, who does not hide me and willing to make me his wife.

I want a real man who going to pray with me and cry with me.

I am not a gold digger; I have my own bank account.

Can I have one man who willing to cook the food and bring the bacon in the house?

I want a man who smells good and has a nice stance.

I want a real man who will not put anyone before me; I will not place any one before him.

Can this man have a car, I do not care if it’s a car from 1968 but let it be running, registered and he has his own license but please lord give me a man who willing to be about something and not just talking.

I do not want a male who stays in court longer than he stays in church.

I need a real man who makes decisions and lives with his mistakes.

A real man will read something besides the sports section of the newspaper.

I do not want a male who sits and plays video games all day long.

I do not want a male who drinks so much he gets drunk and can not find his way home.

A real man is strong. He does not cry, does not moan about life.

I am not a gold digger because I don’t want a man who cant focused on improving his life.

A real man knows the importance of his family and love ones.

A real man takes care of his hygiene.  A real man doesn’t gossip.

A real man words is his bond and what he does for his family is solid.

I am not a goal digger because you lack the things I am looking for in a man.

I want a real man who strives to be a role model to his family and his friends.

A real man will make his fortune and give back to his community.

A real man will only need one woman and that only woman will be me.

A real man keeps in house in order and keeps his relationships with his friends in order.

A real man can help with the laundry, do dishes, do house hold chores and still pick me up and make sweet love to me in his manly way. 

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