How to Tell If a Girl is in Love with You

June 5, 2011 by mikehawk123  
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I have been fallen in and out of love many times, I certainly know the hearts of most girls and what runs through their head when it comes to love, I will give you a few tips today!

This is how to tell if a girl likes/is in love with you:

  • she always looks at you.
  • She tries to start conversations with you.
  • She tries her best to continue the conversations with you.
  • When you look at her, and she’s looking at you, she looks away immediately if she’s shy, or she looks in your eyes with love or smiles if she’s “brave”.
  • She will try to have physical contact with you, such as punching as a joke. (But watch out if she slaps you hard! That is not a good sign!)
  • She will play with her hair or fidget with things when you’re around her.

Here are a few OBVIOUS TIPS:

  • She asks you out
  • She seeks the opportunity to hold your hands.
  • she blushes and looks away or gets nervous when you’re talking to her.
  • She will talk about how beautiful she is in front of you.

If the signs above show, you should ask her out before someone else does! Don’t be a jerk and treat her nicely and maybe soon you will find out you are so in love you will marry her!

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